3 healthy smoothies for swollen belly

3 healthy smoothies for swollen belly

green smoothie
The green leafy vegetables are rich in magnesium and fiber, help us to cleanse the body and act as regulators of the nervous system. It is a way of eating a good salad in the morning but enjoying the sweet taste of the smoothie. In addition, avocado brings the creamy texture and essential fatty acids for health.

If we take this smoothie in the mornings improve intestinal transit naturally, without the need to take laxatives.


Avocado (including, if we want, peel seed)
fresh spinach
ripe banana
vegetable drink or apple juice
Agave syrup, honey or stevia
We will beat the ingredients and serve in wide glass that decorate with a slice of apple or banana.

orange smoothie
Orange smoothie I particularly recommend to anyone suffering from intestinal problems such as constipation, diarrhea, colitis, parasites, etc. Its flavor also still delicious addition to its health benefits.

Ingedientes for this liquefied:

Papaya (including some of their seeds, with antiparasitic properties)
Linseed (put to soak in some water overnight. This water also added to the smoothie)
vegetable drink
Eco-friendly orange (we only use a small piece)
Agave syrup, honey or purified stevia
We will beat the ingredients until you notice that the seeds of papaya and linen are finely ground. We can decorate with a little orange peel, whole or chopped.

yellow liquid
Yellow liquid is an ideal remedy to improve our digestion, help prevent fluid retention, activate our metabolism and even help in slimming diets.

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This smoothie has a refreshing, tropical and slightly spicy, hot weather ideal for flavor. We need to add a vegetable cream to give you the creaminess of the drink.


Ripe pineapple
Ginger or ginger juice powder
Cocoa powder
vegetable cream oats, rice or coconut
purified stevia
In addition, we can use the pineapple skin, which also has many beneficial health properties, boiling for 15 minutes and letting it stand 5 minutes. This decoction can also include in our smoothies.

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