Signals that can recognize if we are in love


Love is probably the most difficult to understand sentiment, and that cultural burden is so great that has never dare to talk about it openly.

Find out if we're in love is much more than constantly thinking about the other person. There is a mix of desire, commitment and trust to be given together so we can be sure of what we feel.

Signs to know if you're in love

Needless to say, infatuation is only one step of the way to love, is the initial part that may or may not lead to true love, because the love affair is full of our own illusions and prejudices, our own ideas of love, which after passing through this stage, if we got with the person who fell in love it will be an adventure to explore together the truth of the other and reach well, to know the love of truth.

Here we offer a number of practical and concrete signs that tell us whether we are in love:

I no longer look at others

This is possibly the most clear. When we walk down the street or in public transport is easy we move we 'fall in love' someone we see for the first time, either by an objective physical attractiveness or by a simple attraction of the moment. Enamorarse prevents this from happening, making individuals of the opposite sex in people who are simply without any involvement.

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Anything that person's interests us

This is, however much it costs us to recognize. No matter what you tell us, all you have to do will seem essential, wanting to know everything. It is a direct signal to everyone around us, but we must be careful not to confuse it with a simple infatuation; when we note that insist a lot in learning more can we find in this case.

Imagine situations together

From romantic walks to show places in town just to know your opinion, we want to do everything with her and no one else. As time passes we are going more and more situations together. Is a good indicator also when we want to know if we are losing the love we felt for that person as it inevitably will go together to the interest and the desire to discover places together.

Everything he says is mysteriously fun

Sure you will have ever lived. Whatever he says, even the worst joke of the world, we'll laugh. also it occurs in front of others which clearly will realize what is happening. It can be a good way to declare our love because if indirectly reaches a very clear point person we're lovers also will appreciate that something happens.

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We get angry if you do not listen to us

Not everything is rosy when we're in love. Although we're still not sure what we feel will be times when we note how we get angry when we do not get their attention. This extends to see how talking to other people or, where appropriate, that there are more people interested in getting their attention. These situations have to control them because a bad our performance can ruin everything.

We are 'true' and 'jealous'

We may have the opportunity to be with someone else, to have a more serious discussion than normal or even reach more than friendship relationship, but we let it go because We are thinking of the person from whom we are in love. We are 'faithful', including the fidelity of thought, unable to see ourselves with someone other than her.

In turn we become a jealous hard-core, reaching look bad sit with friends who suspect they may want something more with it.

Writing: Life Team Lúcida

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