Caring for plants with eggshells

If you do not have good hands for your plants and you're the best care of them, you can give them a boost with the help of eggshells.

Benefits of eggshells for plants

Eggshells powder and water left after boiling boiled eggs They are ideal for plants.
Here's why:

Eggshells They contain a high amount of calcium, which plants love. Let cool water with which herviste eggs, and use it to water your plants. They'll thank you - especially your garden nightshade plants (tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, etc.)

Earth benefits

Not going to get much calcium water as the shells of the eggs, why not throw the shells, muélelas and add them to the ground, this will cause the soil is richer in calcium too.

Also, it can be placed in a circle around a tender plant to deter slugs and worms and use them instead of stones in the bottom of a container. All are good ways to re-use what you normally go to waste.

Eliminate pests

For plants exposed to damage caused by slugs and snails, like tomatoes and marigolds, eggshells are a good line of defense. A layer of crushed eggshells surrounding these plants is a barrier to these hungry pests because their soft bodies are hurt by the jagged edges of eggshells. The best of all, with eggshells to deal with slugs and snails is a natural alternative to chemicals.

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Crushed egg shells can be used to block the holes in potted plants while providing soil with nutrients when they decompose. This trick works for all types of indoor plants or in pots, such as spider plants, ferns and ivy, and it is as simple as placing a layer of crushed shells at the bottom of a container.

Writing: team Lúcida life.

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