Did you know what they are made chicken nuggets?

Browning and crisping, the Nuggets posters adorn the walls of fast food, and in its frozen version (ready to go to the pan) are stored in our refrigerator. Delicious and idyllic image seems more than one to ask for a good portion of this food. But, is this really healthy and fresh food?

Chicken Nuggets

Did you know what they are made chicken nuggets?

Know what they are made chicken nuggets known "fast food" or fast food.

Like a kind of frozen strawberry yogurt or chewing gum giant, pink paste illustrating this note it is used to make the famous nuggets. The nuggets are the result of crush whole chickens "mechanically separated" as revealed by the American Michael Kindt in his blog Early Onset of Night.

And the process does not stop there. As the resulting mass is full of bacteria, it is washed with ammonia to kill them. Then, to mask the unpleasant taste of the chemical compound, the paste is flavored and colored artificially.

In "The Omnivore's Dilemma," a book describing the whole process of making the nuggets and inputs, described, for example, these little fried and yellow pieces like so much children are not only facts of this pink paste but also its content is 56% corn, and also of corn, and to a lesser extent chicken -sistemáticamente molido-, also details the thirty-eight ingredients that make up a nugget of one of the largest US fast food chains , among which is tertiary butylhydroquinone or TBHQ, an antioxidant petroleum product is sprayed directly on the nugget or within the box next to help conserve it. According to the Dictionary of Food Additives Consumer TBHQ it is a form of butane (lighter fluid).

The image that many people have actually consider going back to eat nuggets in your life.

The news has caused such a stir that even the renowned chef James Oliver, on his TV show Food Revolution aired on ABC made its own demonstration of this process, in an attempt to keep children away from this meal, which had no results very positive. NatGeo also broadcast a program in which revealed how food "mechanically separated" were processed.

Investigate what you eat, we all have a right to know the processes by which food passes are industrialized, since, once ingested, they become part of our body. Never too late to change eating habits.

Research: Life Lúcida

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