Cleaning the board of tiles using candles

Eventually, it is inevitable that bathroom tiles can accumulate dirt and scale especially in joints, and impurities and dirt caused by moisture, which also results in accumulating bacteria and germs that can cause health damage and be a special source of disease.

clean the board tiles

Usually dirt the board of tiles turns a yellowish color dark, giving an aged appearance and very little saluable our bathroom, as well as being a potential source of bacteria that can affect source. So it's important to keep them clean and shiny. And this can be done using an unusual object: the candle and applying it in such a simple way you like to try today.

This trick to clean the tiles and leave them as new stems from the action of candle wax, which not only we can give renewed impetus to the whole bathroom look white and bright leaving together, but also It serves to create a protective layer whereby the bacteria and dirt can no longer stick to them. Discover how.

Cleaning the board of tiles


The first step is to wash the tiles as usual, with water, soap and a sponge, then wipe dry. Only then we use the candle, which should be white, the kind found in any market and there is not much cost.

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The correct way to use it will go rubbing the tip up and down, repeating the movement at each joint. It is important to pay more attention to the parts that come into contact with water, such as the shower faucet.

In addition to returning the white to the joints of the tiles, use candle creates a protective film that prevents dirt accumulation, which have a very economical way to keep the bathroom clean longer. To achieve perform the technique properly, we share the following video.

Watch the video where you can see the use of sailing in a very simple way to Leave boards and bright as new.

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