Castor oil for hair growth

Castor oil is very good for thickening and growth of hair, eyelashes and eyebrows and also to brighten your skin and lips. Discover all the properties of this also called castor oil.

Castor oil

Castor oil for hair growth

Castor oil is often overlooked for applications on skin and hair, due to their very thick and sticky consistency. However, if you are looking for a natural and inexpensive remedy for several common skin problems and hair in general, then castor oil definitely worth it.

Benefits castor oil

  1. Increases hair growth.
  2. Thick hair that is beginning to dwindle.
  3. It reduces and helps prevent hair damage.
  4. Eliminates dry hair.
  5. It makes the hair is fuller and brighter.
  6. Conditioning and moisturize the hair and scalp.
  7. Prevents dry scalp.
  8. Improves overall health of your hair.
  9. And these are just some of the uses castor oil you can apply to your daily life, but know more then.

Castor oil helps regenerate the hair of the head, eyebrows and eyelashes

Castor oil is high in ricinoleic acid. This acid is a very effective antibacterial and antifungal natural agent. This can help eradicate any type of fungus or bacteria that can inhibit hair growth.

Castor oil is also high in omega 9, which both hair and follicle and the surrounding skin is nourished. Castor oil has a unique ability to be deeply penetrating, and this helps deeply nourish the pores and follicles that produce hair.

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It also has a high gloss, so it gives a lush shine to hair. It is best to add only slightly to the ends of the hair instead of putting it close to the scalp if you are looking for a soft, natural hair.

A simple way to apply is to pour two drops on your hands and rub the hair to the tips. If too much is used, there is a fine line between subtle sheen and a heavy greasiness, so it is advisable to go slowly to find the amount that works best for your hair type.

Castor oil counteracts hair loss

  1. Using your fingers, apply castor oil quality in the roots and scalp.
  2. Make sure the oil is distributed uniformly on the scalp.
  3. After applying it to the scalp, cover your hair with a plastic cap and wrap in a towel.
  4. Let the oil remain on the hair for at least 15 minutes.
  5. Wash it with shampoo after removing the castor oil.
  6. Do this once a week for 6-8 weeks to see results.

castor oil eyelashes

Growing eyelashes and eyebrows abundant castor oil

This oil will thicken eyelashes and eyebrows and add volume.

You need

  • 15 drops of garlic oil
  • 30 ml of castor oil
  • 20 ml of panthenol

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Mix these ingredients, and applying the mixture to the eyelashes and eyebrows. For best effects, repeated every night before going to sleep. The effects will impact you!

Castor oil for reducing scar tissue

We have already said that castor oil softens the skin, this also helps remove the deep scar tissue so it can be also smoothed. In addition, castor oil has shown promise as a stimulating agent WBCs. Studies have shown that castor oil helps reduce the inflammatory response in the subcutis. This may be what appears to accelerate wound healing, and may also contribute to its ability to faster healing.

Cash to protect lips

The castor oil properties also make it a natural remedy for lips. Our lips need constant protection against various factors such as the environment, age, illness, etc. Although our lips regenerate and recover quickly, also dry and begin to peel when they are dehydrated.

He castor oil softens lips with input from fatty acids. Also it imparts a natural glow to the lips, making it ideal for improving the appearance and health of the same.

Note: Castor oil can be found under the English name of "castor oil".

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