Learn to think positive to improve your life

You can learn to see life in a more positive and more optimistic way, this can be learned or rather, you can unlearn the bad habits that we allow us to think positive to improve the quality of life.

Learn to think positive to improve your life

Learn to think positive

The best way to get emotional well-being and to improve our life force, is to think positive.

When negative thoughts come in the mind, fight them to achieve work block. In this way we can get change their significance for ourselves and have more effectively achieve the practice of good attitude to adversity.

Simply a smile eliminates body tension and diffuses negativity. So when you feel sad smiles. The change will not happen overnight, but we are very lucky that the mind is very "plastic" so when you want to account Positivity you will almost automatically and the emotional blockage is gone.
Avoid constant complaints. Assiduous claims attract, like a magnet, negative charges of your own thoughts and adverse emotions.

Practices to think positive

  1. Many of the perceptions we have that something is wrong, begin to be noticed when we complain, This is the first sign that we have begun to think negatively, complaining of things, to modify now we will find a solution to that for which we are sorry and think positively because the problem will lead us to find a better way out of where we were.
  2. Be free of thought and emotion. Do not let accumulate external interference in your daily life.
  3. Free yourself from the negativity that surrounds you, rumors, lamentations, malicious comments, etc. and prioritizes what makes you feel good.
  4. Surround yourself with optimistic people, Positivity is contagious. Be guided by your intuition.
  5. Do not get angry easily or you give importance to small things that at any given time can make you feel bad. Irritated when we are like the poison of a snake that invades our body and mind, becoming our own worst enemy.
  6. Seeks to give space to serenity and when you feel surpassed practice relaxation to control the explosion of negative emotions.
  7. Live in the present. The past can not be changed or guess the future, so remove the rancor of the first and anxiety of the second. it is best to be present, making the day worthwhile. Lamentations concerns and all they bring you a somatization that lead to physical illness.

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Calm the mind using nature

Take advantage of the resources that nature offers to carry you energy:


Purified water. Whenever you have time come closer to the beach, river or waterfall, and let yourself be flooded by the pleasant feel of the skin contact with the so-called elixir of life. If you can not do much as you wanted, get under the shower home with eyes closed and imagine that you you carry negativity and physical and mental fatigue that determine it, will wringing of your body as water slides.


When you can walk barefoot on pure land (beach sand, grass, etc.), so that the same exerts a kind of massage on the sole. If you have no choice masajéate feet with some cream after a long day of work and enjoy that feeling of relief.

Listen to music

Listen to music that makes you dance and sing, avoiding that you lift to sad moments. The vibration of music brings out our joy gave way to the manifestation of other positive emotions.

By: Ciara Molina

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