How to make a gardener in a pyramid shape to save space

This pyramid design planter, is a fantastic idea for a flower garden or permaculture garden. It looks great and is easier to assemble than you think. A great idea if you have little space and need to add some additional plants.

Planter in pyramidal form to save space

It is a very effective since besides being novel and attractive, space-saving design. Flowers such as thoughts look much in this kind of planters but can plant different types of plants, whether ornamental or vegetable. It's great to plant fragrant herbs, lettuce, it is very easy to do, and also entertaining. It may be all a family project. Only collects wood may no longer use at home or in the shed, and building this great idea to recycle it without spending money.

You need:

  • Table 1 Cedar 4 "X 4" X 6 '
  • 11 cedar boards 1 "X 4" X 8 '
  • 1 plywood 3 'X 3'
  • 1 cedar plank 2 "X 2" X 8 '
  • 4 Wheel
  • 75 wood screws 1-1 / 2 "
  • 1 bottle of wood glue
  • Sand
  • Earth

Some of the wood needs to be cut at an angle. If you do not have the tool to make these cuts, then go to where they can cut it in this way and you get out of a problem.

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If you are familiar with the woodwork, the displayed images will provide you a basic map of how to build the pyramid.

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