30 Ideas for decorating gifts with recycled

decorating gifts It is part of the Christmas celebrations. It is a sign of surrender, gratitude and affection born to manifest within this atmosphere of reflection, gratitude and peace that you want to have with everyone, whether friends, family, but especially with ourselves. It is a time of year when we took the opportunity to give and take and what better to do this through an innovative décor, original and friendly way with the environment. Surprise your friends and family with these sets of gifts using recycled material. They shall be all happy!

decorating gifts

30 Ideas for decorating gifts with recycled

Gifts are beautiful, want to show our love to others with a present, a gift decorated with love, is something unique. It is very human and expresses attention, but learn to be generous with our intention from the heart and especially promote the culture of saving and recycling.

Here are 30 examples in your little mind, if you decided to give, can become something beautiful to the eyes and soul. Examples of how you can decorate with environmentally friendly materials, recycled, reused and economic. From your pillowcase, the sleeve of your sweater, sending bag, dry leaves from your garden, cord hanging clothes, charlola eggs may be the perfect material for wrapping.

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The truth we all really are beautiful if you put a little imagination and desire in the decoration of your gifts that sometimes not want to be unwrapped. Environmentalist and show our creative side this Christmas giving originality and economy, you will be surprised how nice it is all given to the task of creating these ideas are also great therapy. If you do not believe Take a look at the following examples:

decorate gifts with fabric

decorate gifts with paper bags

plantitas decorate gifts

paintings decorate gifts

Periodically decorating gifts

decorate gifts with cardboard

decorate gifts with excess paper

decorate gifts with dried flowers

decorate gifts with blueprints

leaves decorate gifts with notebooks

decorate gifts with recycled paper

decorated ragalos

decorated gifts

fabrics decorate gifts

decorate gifts with egg crate

decorate gifts with plastic cans

decorate gifts with old newspaper

Gift decorated with cotton fabrics

decorating present necklaces

decorating present stockings

decorating present paintings

decorated present

present decorated with leaves

decorating present with cereal boxes

decorate gifts with sweets

present with boxes decorate

Gift decorated with origami

gifts with cardboard rolls

gifts with recycled clothing

Gift decorated with cartoncillo

decorate your gifts with magazines

fix your gifts with plants

arrange gifts with fabrics

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