5 fly repellent herbs

fly repellents

Besides flies cockroaches, ants, ticks, are one of the most irritating insects on earth. Although they look harmless, they are actually one of the deadliest insects in homes. Flies are carriers of dangerous diseases such as salmonella (food poisoning bacteria), typhoid and cholera.

These annoying little creatures are often difficult to deter. But fortunately, there are some plants that flies do not like at all. Actually, these plants generate some kind of insect repellent oils, like flies, and slowly secrete small amounts of this oil in their leaves and release it into the air. And this is something that flies do not like.

Most people do not realize the amount of natural resources there for everyday problems, so just go for any chemical that is being sold. Did you know that there are many herbs that are naturally repellent flies? Here are some:

1. Basil

Basil fly repellents

Anyone who knows anything knows that herb basil is ideal for cooking. It is easy to grow and smells divine! Humans love basil. But guess who hates Basil? Flies home. Houseflies out absolutely rejected by the basil. The best way to use this all natural remedy is to plant basil yourself out. If you have a large area outdoor picnic, try to use small pots of this herb in your picnic tables. You'll be serving two goals at once. While the grill is performed you can easily access basil for cooking, and flies will stay far away for your lovely summer meal. Basil also delicious is one of the most effective repellent herbs flies.

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2. Bay Leaves

Laurel fly repellents

This is another herb beloved by chefs around the world. Nothing puts the finishing touch to a great pot roast and some bay leaves thrown into. But once again, much as we love it, they hate flies. Other Insects also hate, like earwigs and beetles, to name a few. Keep these herbs growing near to discourage nuisance pests.

3. Lavender

Lavender fly repellents

Lavender is the herb for relaxation. Soft and soothing smell can really make a bubble bath a true spa experience. People have been using lavender for centuries by making their homes and clothes smell sweet. It is also used for some cooking. However, flies are not impressed with lavender. Hang some decorative dried lavender around your home to keep out the bugs buzzing.

4. Tansy

Fly repellents Flowers of tansy

Tansy is not as well known as some of the other herbs we have listed here. Tansy was used in ancient times as an herb to propagate because it is believed to have cleansing properties. It's a nice base plant for home gardeners because it is very similar to the marigolds. It has the added advantage that is one of the herbs repelling flies. Flies are not the only insect repellent found Tansy. Ants, fleas and moths will also go if this plant is around. A further advantage is that this plant even discourage mice who come around.

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5. Poleo

Fly repellent herb pennyroyal

This may be one of the most versatile herbs fly repellent. This member of the mint family repels flies, mosquitoes and fleas. However, when planted on your property, especially around the foundation of your house, this interesting herb can help protect mice and ants. Instead of "killing two birds" one shot you're going to repel five plagues with grass. You must be careful if you decide to plant this grass around your house, though. Pennyroyal can be dangerous for children and pets if consumed in large quantities. Please keep this in mind when using pennyroyal.

Clean and Green

When you choose a more natural way into your home, you can have more peace of mind knowing that your family will be safe from harmful chemicals and side effects of these. People do not realize that there is almost always a natural alternative to chemical solutions when it comes to pest control, cleaning, and many other household items. A little research and care can go a long way to preserve the health of your family in times of mosquitoes.

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