ecological decoration: sustainable ways to decorate home

If our desire is to have a home friendlier to the environment, an interesting option is the ecological decoration. In this regard, we must think about reuse or recycle items that already have available at home, always preferring the use of less polluting materials or in connection with nature, as in the case of plant elements.

natural creativity

You have to open the door of creativity to find use natural materials such as wood or clay elements with which to create a closer look at the natural less artificial environment.

The ecological decoration is focused on the use of pre-existing elements or in the home, materials for which we must strive to find the proper use for all this material already at home. We may have to retouch or apply any prior preparation work, such as sanding, painting or minor repairs designed to leave these materials ready for reuse, but not very complex.

The ecological decoration It has common features with the minimalist decor, as it should be aimed at reducing the amount of decorative elements for a more relaxed atmosphere in the decor. Whenever possible, we prefer the use of decorative elements that are made of materials from nature, such as wood, leather and plant fibers, palm is an excellent alternative.

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minimal impact

An interesting aspect regarding ecological decoration is the impact of the elements or materials used in our decor on the planet and its biodiversity. For example, we could avoid using stuffed animals and animal skins in our decor, then we must consider the extermination of natural species contradictory with a focus on eco-friendly decor.

In Japanese culture they tend to have respect for all the things you have at home and that once had life, such as items made of wood, as was once tree. From that perspective, the average Japanese furniture is made of wood and items with respect. In our approach ecological decoration we can adopt this aspect of Japanese culture, dealing with love and respect our natural materials.

Ideas for green decor

In the pictures below you can find all kinds of designs and ecological decoration where bamboo, wood, plants, stones, clay vases, restored furniture used, objects and more friendly to the environment.

bathroom decorated with bamboo

Wood paneling and bamboo vases

Plants can not miss the organic decoration of our kitchen

succulents to decorate the kitchen

ecological center table

A plant in decorating the house

plants in the room

Adorning the window with houseplants

uses of wood and bags tejifos

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