160 uses coconut oil

Much has mentioned about coconut oil is that they are large and the benefits it can provide vegetable oil. Since their use as cooking oil, the most recommended, to its medicinal and therapeutic uses through the contributions that can give us beauty treatments for supplying cosmetics and chemicals. In this article we invite you to know what it is coconut oil.

The uses of coconut oil

The benefits of virgin coconut oil

Among the benefits of coconut oil we can find a lot, for example is antibacterial (Kills bacteria that cause ulcers, throat infections, urinary tract infections, gum disease and other bacterial infections) But the uses of this vegetable oil are many, we can not promise to finish reading the 160 full list of possible uses of coconut oil.

  1. Anti-carcinogenic. It has antimicrobial properties so that effectively prevents the spread of cancer cells and enhances the immune system.
  2. Anti-inflammatory. It appears to have a direct effect in suppressing inflammation and tissue repair, and may also contribute to inhibit harmful intestinal microorganisms that cause chronic inflammation.
  3. Anti-microbial. Fatty acid monoglycerides and medium chain found in coconut oil are the same as those of human milk, and which have outstanding antimicrobial properties.
  4. An antioxidant. It protects against free radical formation.
  5. Antiparasitic. Struggle to rid the body of tapeworms, lice and other parasites.
  6. Anti-protozoa. It can help combat giardiasis, a common protozoal infection of the intestines.
  7. Anti-virus. Removes viruses that cause influenza, herpes, measles, hepatitis C, SARS
    (Known to improve absorption of nutrients easily digested, it becomes more available vitamins and minerals for the body)

Type coconut oil you can use

  • virgins (Unrefined) Virgin coconut oil unrefined is ideal for cooking and baking. It can be used to give the coconut flavor is very mild. This oil has the properties of coconut because it has not been refined.
  • Refined coconut oil It can be used for anything. It has no smell or taste with Coco. It is yet to be used, but loses some of its health properties during the refining process.

Discover the 160 uses for coconut oil

Before naming each of the benefits and utilities that have coconut oil, we highlight the three most important uses:

1. Coconut oil diet

This oil has a fat that can boost weight loss, and there are many people who use it today, in many parts of the world to lose weight.

It contains a unique combination of fatty acids which can help speed up metabolism. Studies show that only adding coconut oil as a healthy ingredient in your diet, you can get lose fat, especially abdominal fat, considered the most dangerous fat.

2. To improve hair quality

One of the best applications coconut oil is its use as a hair conditioner and there are many ways to use it for this purpose. His real action on the hair is focused on hair penetrates deeper and faster than other conditioners. You can moisturize the scalp and add shine to your hair.

Likewise, it can also help thicken eyelashes and reverse its decline generating a protective layer on them. This vegetable oil is an ideal complement to beauty products.

3. To improve skin

He organic coconut oil can be great to moisturize, both hands, as in other parts of the body, including the lips. Apply this oil ensures that your body your skin may be hydrated and thus prevent dryness.


Coconut oil for body hygiene

1. Spots on the skin (Also known as liver spots) - Applying coconut oil directly in the area will help fade spots.

2. Aftershave. Coconut oil will help heal your skin after shaving without clogging pores. You can also make this recipe for a shaving cream where this ingredient is used.

3. Treat baldness. It is applied three times a day to the affected area hair loss. Coconut oil helps cell regeneration.

Four. Remove birthmarks. It can be used after laser treatment for complete removal. It can also be applied after treatment with apple cider vinegar to help support the process of skin discoloration.

5. Body Scrub. You can use the mixture of coconut oil and sugar to rub the whole body. Rinse and your skin will be smoother. You can add some essential oils if you want a specific smell.

6. Treat bruises. Applied directly to the wound, coconut oil improves the healing process by reducing swelling and redness.

7. Insect bites. When it applied directly to an insect sting, coconut oil can stop the itching and burning sensation, and accelerate the healing process.

8. Burns. It is applied to the affected immediately and continue to apply until healed area. It will reduce the chances of permanent scarring marks and promotes healing.

9. Just rub a little on the lips and act as a softening and protective agent. You can also try this homemade balm to improve the quality of your lips.

10. If you are having problems with dry skin on the scalp of your baby, coconut oil not only nourish baby's skin, but also helps remove the crust. Just rub on the scalp, about a teaspoon per day of this oil will be sufficient to moisturize your skin.

eleven. Treat dandruff . Coconut oil soaks to achieve moisturizing dry skin of the scalp and relieve symptoms of dandruff. It also helps control the secretion of bait scalp, another major cause of dandruff and greasy hair.

12. A natural deodorant. Coconut oil can be used as a deodorant, but is even more effective in combination with powdered corn starch and arrowroot sodium bicarbonate.

13. For diaper rash. Very comforting to relieve symptoms in children without harmful chemicals. Also safe for cloth diapers.

14. exfoliant. Coconut oil mixed with sugar or sea salt is a very nutritious and safe to use effective throughout the body scrub and.

fifteen. Cream for eyelids or bags under the eyes. Apply under the eyes to reduce puffiness, bags and wrinkles.

16. Wash the face. Coconut oil mixture in equal parts with olive oil, almond oil, avocado oil and castor oil and instead use soap to wash their faces. Wet your face, rub the oil and let stand for two minutes, rinse and dry. A teaspoon may be right.

17. Hair conditioner for a deep treatment. It can be used as hair conditioning by applying a teaspoon of coconut oil at the ends of the hair and then distribute. For further treatment, rubbed with a tablespoon of this oil on dry scalp and gently distributed to ends. Then you must put a shower cap to avoid stains on clothing and bed so you can leave it on all night.

18. Hair gel. Rub some hands and distribute in the hair (for curly hair) or using a comb from the scalp to tip for straight or wavy hair.

19. Healing cuts or scrapes. It is very effective when applied to nicks and cuts, coconut oil forms a thin layer which protects the wound from external dust, bacteria and viruses.

twenty. Natural lubricant. It is a perfectly safe personal lubricant that you can use to get the lubricating effect without side effects on the skin.

twenty-one. A good makeup remover. Use a cotton swab and a little coconut oil and you'll be amazed how well it works to remove makeup residues and leave a clean but moisturized.

22. Massage oil. Use can be very simple, just need to take some coconut oil on your hands and start giving a massage.

2. 3. Moisturizing. Ideal to apply throughout the body, including the neck and face and get moisturize the skin.

24. remove moles. When applied after a compress apple vinegar for several weeks, moles may be removed or simply disappear, in combination with coconut oil effects will be much more noticeable.

25. Treat cracked nipples. It works very well to nourish cracked nipples and dry skin, relieving pain it produces. Apply using a cotton ball and let it work in the area for several hours.

26. Revert oily skin. Use a small amount of this oil on your skin before applying makeup, or you can also put it on the area to remove the fatness.

27. Treatment before washing hair. Rub a little on the scalp and hair before shampooing. This is especially useful for those with very curly hair.

28. For skin care after shaving. Coconut oil helps repair skin damage caused by shaving, in addition can also be used as one of the main ingredients of homemade shaving cream.

29. Treat skin problems. Coconut oil relieves skin problems such as psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema.

30. Treat stretch marks with coconut oil. This oil is very good for nourishing damaged or red and white stripes skin. It may not be the magic cure for stretch marks, but it will help to improve the quality of your skin.

31. For burns. Frota copious amounts of coconut oil on the affected either lower or tambein in the case of chafing and friction burn wounds area.

32 As sunscreen. You can use this oil as a homemade sunscreen that will help you protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

33. Ear. Mix coconut oil with garlic and put a few drops in the affected ear for about 10 minutes. You can do this 2 to 3 times a day to get relieve earache.

3. 4. For Tattoos. You can use coconut oil on tattoos and will help keep the pigment colors. You can also use it for your new tattoo, oil will accelerate the healing process and lessen the chance of infection.

35. Toothpaste. There are numerous recipes which can prepare your own toothpaste, one of the most effective is mixing coconut oil and sodium bicarbonate and then applying the mixture with your toothbrush. You can learn more information about making a toothpaste with coconut oil.

36. Prevention and reduction of wrinkles. Rubbing coconut oil with circular movements for treating sagging skin helps strengthen connective tissues to reduce wrinkles.

coconut oil uses in health

Coconut oil

37. Breastfeeding. For mothers breastfeeding, with a consumption of 3 ½ tablespoons of coconut oil every day going to enrich the milk production. On the other hand, you can also make use of a by-product is coconut milk, ideal to supplant the use of pasteurized milk.

38. healthy bones and teeth. This oil helps absorption of calcium and magnesium which leads to better development of bones and teeth.

39. Digestion.  Saturated fats in coconut oil help to control fungi that cause indigestion and other problems related to digestion, such as irritable bowel syndrome.

40. Boosts energy. Coconut oil boosts energy and endurance so it is a great supplement for athletes and those who need a quick pick me up.

41. To speed up metabolism. Coconut oil has been found to be effective to stimulates metabolism, improving thyroid function, and scale energy levels, which will help lessen unwanted fat and increase muscle (with the help of exercise, of course).

42. Beneficial for diabetes. Improves insulin secretion and utilization of blood glucose so it is ideal for diabetics and non-diabetics.

43. Improves lung function. Increases the fluidity of cell membranes.

44. Sickness. Rub some coconut oil on the inside of the wrist and forearm to calm this upset stomach.

Four. Five. For nosebleeds. Coconut oil can prevent bleeding of the nose which is caused by sensitivity to extreme heat and extreme cold also.

46. To prepare healthy recipes. This oil is ideal for use in your recipes, in ways that perhaps were unaware and can use it as a direct ingredient providing a delicious taste to your preparations.

47. Stress Relief. Coconut properties can relieve mental fatigue, by applying coconut oil in the head by a circular motion or get massage reducing stress levels. The natural aroma of coconut is extremely soothing thus contributing to enhance the effects of massage.

48. better absorb vitamins. Fats of this oil also helps in the absorption of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

49. Weightloss. Saturated fats contribute to weight loss and control cravings. It also increases the metabolic rate.

Coconut oil for health problems

(When taken internally it can help prevent or even cure these health problems)

50. It can address the problems of acid reflux. This way you can improve indigestion if taken after a meal.
51. effective in the treatment of adrenal fatigue.
52. Treat allergies (such as seasonal hay fever)
53. Coconut oil can help prevent dementia and Alzheimer's disease.
54. Coconut oil has been shown to help reverse asthma, even in children.
55. This oil can help fight candida helping to improve brain function in children, this way can be very efficient to treat autism.
56. Coconut oil can improve bowel function.
57. Treat bronchial infections.
58. The Coconut oil can help prevent cancer. It has been shown to help prevent colon and breast cancer in laboratory tests.
59. This vegetable oil, thanks to the advantages of the properties of coconut, can be a effective natural remedy that can help cure Candida albicans.
60. It can help normalize cholesterol, lowering bad cholesterol in the blood.
61. Chronic Fatigue
62. Efficient to treat Crohn's disease and the resulting inflammation.
63. The use of coconut oil in your application with massage can help improve blood circulation reversing cold feeling.
64. You can cure colds and flus.
65 is a natural way to counteract constipation. You can consume a teaspoon of coconut oil fasting and start to notice results very quickly.
66. Cash to treat cystic fibrosis.
67. The benefits of coconut oil can be a great ally for treat depression and improve mood.
68. Treat diabetes. It helps maintain levels of blood sugar stable.
69. helps address disorders such as dysentery, which is an inflammatory bowel problem, mainly affecting the colon.
. 70 Cure eczema. Besides being used internally, many treatments are successful coconut oil applying externally.
71. Relieving edema (fluid accumulation in body tissues)
72. You can give an energy boost for your body.
73. Coconut oil is known to reduce epileptic seizures.
74. Fever Support
75. The qualities edible oil has coconut can help treat flaky and dry skin, making it smoother and shinier.
76. You can reverse the disease gallbladder and relieve pain.
77. rebertir can help the overstock of stomach gas and flatulence.
78. Remove the H. pylori bacteria, often causing gastric problems.
79. Coconut oil helps eliminate head lice.
80. Treat heart disease (protects the arteries of lesions causing atherosclerosis)
81. Hemorrhoids, it can be externally or internally applied twice daily
82. Can relieve some types of virus as it can act as a natural antibiotic.
83. The properties of coconut oil may help treat hot flashes.
84. Can help treat hyperthyroidism.
85. Coconut oil is a natural promoter of the immune system
86. Healthy for use when you have problems of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
87. Can be used for Jaundice problems.
88. To treat kidney disease.
89. Kidney Stones (aid dissolution thereof)
90. Liver Diseases
91. pulmonary disease
92. For someone who suffers from malnutrition and chronic fatigue, this oil can be a source of energy that will fill you with vitality.
93. To improve mental clarity and get more clarity.
94. Relief of menstruation in relation to pain / cramps and heavy blood flow
95. Migraines (with regular use)
96. Treat mononucleosis, which is an infectious disease known as "the kissing disease" and can be alleviated with the use of coconut oil.
97. treat osteoporosis.
98. Reverting problems related to pancreatitis.
99. Helps eliminate parasites from the body.
100. Effective for treating periodontal disease and dental caries
101. To reverse the growth of the prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia)
102. Rickets
103. Skin Problems
104. Scurvy
105. stomach ulcers
106. Remove the mushroom feet with coconut oil is very effective.
107. Treat chapped lips and mouth problems such as thrush.
108. Improving thyroid function (Regulates overactive or underactive thyroid)
109. You can cure ulcerative colitis.
110. Treat the thyroid - Further results have shown regular blood tests every time thyroid after ingesting coconut oil per day
111. Highly recommended the use of this oil unfecciones problems urinary tract (bladder infections)

More uses for health

112. Treat acne with coconut oil.
113. Allergies and hay fever. You rub some inside the nostrils for quick relief.
114. Coconut oil is effective in reversing the problems related to athlete's foot.
115. You can relieve back pain and sore muscles.
116. Boils and Cysts can be treated thanks to the benefits of coconut.
117. Treating canker sores and mouth sores with coconut oil can help heal quickly.
118. Coconut oil can help reduce cellulite.
119. Treat circumcision. Coconut oil is very effective in treating problems related to remedy this problem.
120. decongestant. Rub coconut oil on the chest and under the stuffy nose, this can relieve a cold or allergies.
121. For the ear infection. Place a few drops into the ear twice a day for pain relief. You can also fight infection.
122. treat genital warts by topical application can provide great relief to this problem.
123. Cure gum disease and gingivitis (used as toothpaste or rub directly on the gums)
124. Herpes (topically and taken internally)
125. urticaria (relieves itching and reduces inflammation)
126. treat redness in the eyes (you can apply coconut oil around the eye)
127. Coconut oil can alleviate the problems associated with ringworm, a fungal infection caused.
128. effective in treating toothache.
129. can help remove warts.

Uses in the kitchen

how to use coconut oil

130. You can use coconut oil as a substitute for butter or shortening.
131. uses as a nutritional supplement. It should melt the coconut and add to smoothies.
132. may be used coconut oil in solid form for greasing the pans.
133. As a replacement for various oils liquid (baking, cooking, sauteing, etc.).

To treat problems in animals

Always consult your veterinarian before treating your pet with home prepared but the recommended dose for animals is 1/4 teaspoon per 10 pounds of body weight, twice a day.

134. Coconut oil helps in curing digestive disorders, as inflammatory bowel syndrome and ulcerative.
135. Help arthritic problems or ligaments.
136. Helps in eliminating cough. Use coconut oil with the lemon juice and honey, it can be a great ally to treat cough problems.
137. When applied topically, it promotes healing of cuts, wounds, blackheads, dry skin, bites and stings.
138. Treat skin conditions such as eczema, allergies, contact dermatitis, and itchy skin.
139. disinfects cuts and promotes wound healing.
140. Ideal for dogs and cats for general well-being. You can give your hair more shine and smoothness.
141. You can reduce the smell in dogs and improve the appearance of their fur.
142. It gives extra energy to your pets.
143. Helps reduce weight and increase energy.
144. improves digestion and absorption of nutrients.
145. You can leave a glossy look to your animals while helping to deodorize the smell that often leave.
146. The medium chain triglycerides (MCT) have been shown to improve energy metabolism and can decrease the accumulation of amyloid protein resulting in brain lesions in older dogs.
147. To prevent and treat yeast infections and fungi such as Candida.
148. reduces allergic reactions and improves skin health.
149. Reduces or eliminates bad breath in dogs.
150. Regula balance and insulin and promotes normal thyroid function.

Other uses for coconut oil

151. To detach the gum. Just rub some coconut oil over chewing gum stuck, leave for about 30 minutes, then you can easily remove it.
152. Coconut oil can be used as a powerful stainproofing agent and adhesive remover. You just need to apply them on the surface to be treated and then pass an old toothbrush or sponge to leave completely clean surface.
153. Insect repellent. Coconut oil with extract mixture of peppermint oil may be an effective repellent for mosquitoes.
154. Ideal for cleaning leather products.
155. For the lubrication of wooden boards and bowls.
156. Helps polish the bronze. All you have to do is rub a little oil on a cotton towel and then clean the bronze. Clean and helps deepen the color of bronze.
157. polish the furniture. Coconut oil with a little lemon juice can help to polish wood furniture. However, we recommend that you try it for the first time in a very small inconspicuous part of your furniture to make sure it works the way you want.
158. Coconut oil can also clean metal objects with very good results.
159. For polishing cookware
160. Ideal for making natural soap

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