The color of the walls and emotional health

The importance of colors in relation to the emotional health of people should not be a minor issue, it is very important to know what is the relationship they have and how they can affect either negatively or positively.

colors in the rooms and emotional health

Home decoration and selection of colors in the rooms of the rooms and suites of our residence is taken as something banal and superficial, however scientific studies have determined perception the importance of colors in the emotional health of our families, so then you choose the color that will paint our walls, can become a wonderful tool which dip to control or regulate our emotions and behaviors. So walls and emotional health will be our best ally.

Colors on the walls and emotional health

Colors are not only important for the decoration of a place. They are essential for the mood of people. Perceive color through the senses therefore are an influence on human behavior. The color is an elaboration of our mind, therefore have a great effect on our state of mental, physical courage, and emotional.

It is important to use this to our advantage to achieve greater peace, better health, and efficiency in daily actions, because color has on each of the people, a subliminal effect, which automatically react because it is outside the control of consciousness.

colors on the walls

If you liked the idea, and want to start creating your own emotionally healthy, taking into account what experts advise color psychology. You can I start taking into account the role to which every room will be allocated from there choose the main color and use the chain of shades available for a particular tone. To encourage different emotions and stimulate various activities according to the room, follow this list of suggestions that will throw some ideas when renewing the color of your home. A painting emotions on your walls.

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It is very popular and widespread use of white in the kitchen, this is because white is related to the order cleanliness and tranquility, the negative is that it is a cold, drab, sad color, the suggestion here would be to mix white with warm colors, to increase environmental harmony.

colors on the walls of the kitchen

Nor is it good idea to use too exciting colors, remember that there are foods that are cooked our energy, this could eventually create fatigue and affect health. The best choice would be clear tones and soft lighting. Color consultants say that if you have good memories of your childhood in the kitchen, it might make sense to recreate the color scheme in your kitchen adult. If you have raised a combined kitchen eating green and yellow and have great memories, green and yellow colors can be the best for you and your family. They can symbolize: love love and well-being.


As regards the rooms, something to bear in mind is the personality of its occupants. If it is nervous or irritable persons, preference should be given to pale shades and soothing colors, a green cake would be ideal.

colors on the walls of the rooms

If the owners of the room are people suffering from melancholy, a lush red or bright colors could improve your mood and raise your spirit, If the room will be dedicated to the creation, as in the case of study or home office, the idea of ​​impregnating one of the white walls could be useful for improving mental clarity.


bathroom colors and emotional health

For bathrooms, whose function apart from grooming and hygiene, is used as a space to which we turn many times to find peace, solitude and relax, the idea of ​​using contrasting colors, would not be very effective, however a selection of light shades using colors liabilities that are cooler colors, such as blue, green or purple may be recommended.

These colors convey freshness and calm. Green is associated with hope, luck, health, to spring, nature. It is a tranquilizing color. Blue is a symbol of confidence. It is associated with tranquility, calm, clean, well-being. It is ideal for use in the bathrooms.

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Those are some useful ideas, you can get hundreds of them in books specialized in decoration and color psychology. But never forget to check the reactions that you and your family members against generate a color.

As Kandinsky said, "Color is a means to exert direct influence on the soul." No stop using all available resources to improve the most of our lives and fill health and wellness. Read these little tips, arising from the effective use of the connection, emotion, soul and perception. May help you use colors more effectively to improve the emotional health:

  • We get red fury, blood seizes our cheeks when we are accelerated, heated. Rise, activation, heat.
  • Feel calm, peace and quiet serenity to see the blue sea water, a lake or the serene pleasure of floating in any pool. Relaxation, reconciliation, reunion, infinity.
  • We connect with the earth that sustains us, firm and secure, through the brown, feeling the stability of a floor that sustains us. Security, shelter, distendimiento, unconcern.
  • We perceive peace, purity and vacuum of white spots, that feeling that invites us to silence. Quiet, solitude, meditation.
  • We connect with nature and fresh scents, their refreshing air, and all shades of green, we feel that sense of grandeur. Health, peace, purity.
  • we present to yellow and relate neutrality and softness, also with our fears and insecurities. Tenderness, weakness, rest
  • you see all Violet, When you meditate deeply, we approach the spiritual, faith, we connect with mysticism and mystery. Interest, passion, deep thinking.
  • it appears pink Colour every time you think of a girl in love. love, innocence and tenderness.

There are things in the color rising in me while I paint, large and intense things. Vincent van Gogh

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