Electric Generator Home – How to build it.

home wind turbine

This is an interesting project for a home electric generator. The following video is a small sample dle potential of the creation or acquisition of this type of renewable energy that have no impact on the environment. There are many models of wind turbines, these differences depending on its axis of rotation, power, generator type and others. Depending on the capacity thereof it will perform, and in some cases wind turbines work together to generate more energy.

You not necessarily have to use the power of any generator, but also there are some "tricks" that can make the energy stored in a battery for greater self preservation.

Video-tutorial how to make a homemade electric generator

In the following video, illustrative materials needed is to create a small turbine, each of its parts and how the assembly process. This is a sustainable idea and encourages the reuse of materials often discarded in our home, and are easily accessible in case of not having them.

The following tools will be needed.
- A screwdriver
- Cutter
- Scissors
- Drill
- Mountain range
And the materials used are listed in the following video:

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