How to make perfume for clothes at home

How to make perfume for clothes at home

There is no denying that we can have pleasant memories of scented atmosphere in a room or a closet or drawer open and feel the comforting scent emanates, and nothing better than knowing that we can make our own perfume at home. Here are some recommendations for how to make perfume for clothes at home.

Recipe for homemade perfume clothes


2 cups water
2 cups fresh lavender flowers ground of type, lilac, orange blossom, honeysuckle or other of your liking


Place gauze in a bowl, like you're lining it. This has to be large because it must overhang the edges of the container. Place the flowers and cover completely with water. Now let it sit all night and the next day remove the gauze taking care of the flowers remain inside, drain, leaving only liquid and place over low heat until it has reduced by almost half. Let it cool. With this we will have succeeded in preparing your perfume to clothes. Now you can store it in a bottle and glass preferably with a lid for a month.

Second method for preparing perfume to clothes:

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15 grams of beeswax
115 grams of petrolatum
essential oil to your taste

Place beeswax and petrolatum in a container or the like glazed ceramic, a low heat melt. Another option is to do it in the oven in a Pyrex cup. Remove soft and constantly until thickened. Then remove and cool expects to add the essential oil you have chosen. It then passes the mixture obtained to a container for it to air dry until solid. This way you can cut small pieces of the preparation and put them in your closet for perfuming linen.

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