15 ways to fill your home with good energy and vibrations

Very often we talk about places and people that emanate "good energy" or "bad energy", when in fact what we mean is that energy is high or low. In scientific terms, the description of energy as high or low actually described as a degree of vibration or frequency, and our body and mind perceives. A home filled with good vibes energy, will always be a place to feel protection and welfare. There are ways to make your home in this way and achieve a warm and welcoming space.

house good energy and vibrations

15 ways to raise the energy and vibration of your home for more welfare

All seek to make our space a beautiful place to live. We seek to transform it to make us feel safe and secure. Some people look for ways to do so through decoration relying on certain beliefs and rituals. As long as it's something reasonable and help reaffirm our desire for a better place to live, we think it may be valid.

Some speak of high vibrations and energy when you want to refer to, how it feels to be with a particular person or a specific place. And it may be true, remember that everything is energy. The higher the level of "vibration" of any person or place, the better we feel.

And the greater the vibration of our homes, better energy and we feel good living in them. That could translate into a clean place, or a person who does not bring many existential complications.

We offer 15 ways to make your home get that high vibration and energy that you will always recharged the batteries and full of vigor and well-being.

1. orderly

Eliminates clutter. Get rid of duplicate items and things that no longer have any use can free up space, and make us feel much happier and comfortable.

Somewhat limits your closet, get rid of objects that have 'just in case' they never actually use it, and always choose quality over quantity. Other ways to eliminate clutter in your home include loans instead of purchasing, using multipurpose products and spending on experiences rather than 'things'.

2. Burning herbs for a home with energy and high vibration

Burning herbs, known as incense practice, it has been used for thousands of years to clean the air of impurities such as bacteria and viruses. The incense is also used as a traditional mystical ritual, changing, clean and alters the surrounding air.

Being a ritual, some people do take it seriously, but it is a matter of forms of regret, and while not mean it is law, the meaning of a ritual, if done for good, it will cause a positive effect.

Takes a packet of dried herbs and turn it on, then turn off the flame quickly, this will allow the smoke to float around the house. Both the healing properties and aroma of the herbs are released into the air. While salvia is by far the most popular herb for sahumar, pine, rosemary and lavender they are also good choices.

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The sahumerio can be used to clean your room when:

incense burning incense to raise energy

  • You move into a new home
  • You start a new job or career
  • A guest leaves your home
  • Before meditation
  • You just have a discussion or suffering an illness

You can also light a herbal incense by mixing ground herbs and placing the mixture in a carbon disc on the top of your incense burner.

Use sage, thyme, rosemary, lavender, mint, pine needles, or patchouli incense to clean the air, and your space.

3. Disseminate essential oils

Essential oils work to clean your house and help you feel lighter and elevated by spreading their unique and pleasant aroma. Many also have potent antimicrobial properties that remove viruses and bacteria in the air.

To raise the energy and vibration in your living space is spread rose, basil, cypress, frankincense, juniper, lavender, myrrh, sage, mint, sandalwood, cinnamon, rosemary and eucalyptus.

If you do not have a diffuser, you can also add the mixture into a spray and spray it around the house.

Mix one tablespoon of vodka, six tablespoons of filtered water and 10 to 40 drops of essential oil of your choice in a small spray bottle. Shake well before each use.

4. Turn salt lamps Himalayan

These salt lamps soft glow are a natural source of fresh, clean air - just what you need to clean your house while you give an aura of calm.

Himalayan salt lamp

Because they attract water, they have incredible to remove dust, pollen, smoke and other air impurities power. The Himalayan salt lamps also emit negative ions which means that increase energy levels, eliminate static electricity, neutralize electromagnetic radiation, stimulate sleep and improve overall mood.

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5. Listen to music to increase the frequencies

Music is more than mere entertainment or art form. You can have a calming and healing effect on the whole body and alters the vibrations in any space to fill.

Several studies have shown that the right kind of music provides pain relief; benefits the heart, blood and the immune system; improves learning; fights fatigue; and promotes sleep.

Of course, its ability to improve our mood, is beyond doubt. For most positive effects of vibration, choose classical music, jazz, folk, orchestral, Soul music or Opera. If these genres do nothing for you, then put whatever makes you feel good.

6. Put fresh plants and flowers for good energy in the room

Enjoy nature and all it has to offer is a safe way to enjoy the positive vibes, mindfulness, and lifted a state of mind. The eco-therapy (being in nature) has drawn the attention of the scientific community and many studies find that combats depression and improves mental health and well-being.

If this is the case, why not bring nature into your home to receive positive energy? One way to do this is by filling your own space with potted plants and fresh flowers, bright colors and fragrance also make your home a cozy space.

to raise orchids and frequency energy at home

According to experts, some plants are better than others to promote positive energy and improving welfare. Some of the best include cactus, bamboo, jasmine, lavender, miniature roses, rosemary, mint, chrysanthemum, aloe vera, and orchids.

7. Considers crystals to raise vibes

The use of crystals for healing and positivity goes back to ancient times. The Sumerians elaborated "magic potions" quartz, amethyst Greeks used as amulets, and Chinese jade used in medicine.

It is said that these popular crystals have numerous benefits. Although not believe in the healing powers of crystals, will add some style to your home ensuring you'll have improved mood. Why do not you try them at home? Her beauty in the eye and what produces them, is more powerful than any belief. They are a priceless jewel. Try the following stones and see the excellent effects that give your space:

  • Turquoise
  • Bloodstone (Bloodstone)
  • smoky quartz
  • Pink quartz
  • Cornelian
  • Quartz crystal
  • La Celestina
  • Citrine
  • aventurine

8. Choose colors that positively affect your mood

The colors used in our home are a direct reflection of our personality and can affect our moods and thoughts in subtle ways.

The reaction to color is unique to each person, so you should choose that are most suitable for you. Overall, we are affected by the color of the following ways:

Red - Increases the energy level of a room and increases adrenaline and blood pumping, therefore energy. It may be too stimulating for some people, and some spaces. Crimson can invoke feelings of anger and hostility.

Yellow - It is energizing and stimulating. Captures the joy of sunshine and happiness signals. Too much yellow can create feelings of frustration and anger.

blue - It can be soothing, relaxing and serene, but can also cause feelings of sadness.

Green - The most soothing to the eye, which promotes comfort color, calm and growth.

Purple - The dark tones are associated with luxury, creativity and drama. Lighter versions bring the same quality of rest as blue, but with more heat.

Orange - evokes emotion, enthusiasm and energy.

9. Lighting candles for high energy in the environment

Candles have been used for thousands of years to provide light, transmit calm and highlight the celebration. His deep yellow glow is hypnotic, reflective and a great focal point for meditation.

Lighting any candle will help increase vibrations in your home, but choose some colors and scents in candles (as listed throughout this post) the increase even further.

sails raise vibrational energy

Remember that many of the candles are bought in stores can be hazardous to your health and contribute to poor air quality. Opt for soy-based candles, scented with natural essential or oils, you could also make your own candles.

10. Let fresh air between

A poorly ventilated home with lack of oxygen can lead to feelings of lethargy and low mood. It's just an unpleasant place to be. One of the easiest ways to freshen the air is to open the windows. Simply letting fresh air for a few minutes every morning before going to work clean and rejuvenate.

Increases oxygen levels at home and soon you feel more energetic, sleep better and enjoy better health in general.
Other ways to keep you feeling fresh indoor air fresheners include avoiding chemicals, immediately wash the laundry and keep your pets clean beds.

11. Dwell

Raise your own vibrations through positive thinking, clear intent and focused perspective - this is also known as meditation.

When you start to do it, you will feel happier and less stressed. You can enjoy a higher concentration, awareness and self-acceptance. There are also physical benefits - such as improved heart health, immune function, and longevity.

Once you begin to feel the beneficial effects of meditation, you will soon begin to associate with the place where you meditate - your home!

12. Fill your home with beauty and happy memories

Make your home an extension of yourself! Choose items that have special meaning, that make you happy and inspire you.
When choosing between keeping or removing a piece, ask yourself if this evokes memories good or bad, or have positive or negative connotations.

photos paintings in space to raise energy

Illustrations, books, trinkets, signs, jars memory and framed photos all serve to turn your home into a place of positive energy.

13. Reduce consumption of electrical appliances

Having the TV on can affect the mood of a room - depending on what you're seeing and how do you feel. Be aware of when and what you see on TV.

There is a direct cause-effect relationship between the amount of time spent watching television and an eventual diagnosis of depression - this is something that definitely reduces vibration levels both in yourself and in your home.

14. Eliminates toxins

Having a house full of chemicals and other toxins will surely give a negative impact on your health, your mental well-being and vibrations around you.

These are quickly and easily eliminated by choosing to use natural substitutes.

15. Create a space for relaxation

While your household should feel like a place where you can relax and enjoy yourself, create your own sanctuary in a room, cubicle or corner can be very important to you. Appreciate this space and enjoy the time you have for yourself - spend at least ten minutes there every day.

It can be used for meditation, reading, yoga, or anything else you raise your vibrations and revitalizes.

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