How to grow tomatoes upside down – Ideal for small spaces.

How to grow tomatoes upside down - Ideal for small spaces

Tomatoes are a sweet and delicious fruit of a very tolerant plant. Tomato plants are so popular because they are easy to grow, and homegrown tomatoes always taste better. As a vine, it is also good for the gardener who has very little space. This article will tell you how to grow tomatoes hanging from the ceiling, but could be adapted to a hanging basket, too.

Step 1: Install the hanger. Choose a sunny spot indoors hanging tomato plant containers. Your plant can be hung on a hook on the ceiling or tied around a beam - Use whatever works for the space you have assigned.

Step 2: Select a small tomato plant. Purchased or grown from seed plants are good choices. Add water to the plant very well and put it aside.

Step 3: Tying a string or thread to the edges of the cut end of the bottle to hang. Drilled holes with a punch, or using a sharp tool to insert holes through which the chain can pass. You have a knot in the rope in place with ties to tie hangers installed. In the image shown later in this tutorial shows two holes, you may find that three holes produces a better balance - experiment to see what works best.

Step 4: Take the tomato plant from its original container. Gently sow it face down on the bottle. Gently accommodates the plant through the hole, so that the tomato plant is hanging out of the hole, with the roots still in the bottle.

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Step 5: Fill the bottle with a mixture of good compost and garden soil. Then water it. (Now you see why the hanger is put first -. It would be good to put the plant on the ground or on a surface, as it would damage the plant) If a basket is used, insert the bottle into the hanging basket, if not, just hang bottle directly to the hangers. You are now ready to begin the reverse your tomato plant.

Step 6: Water your tomato plants regularly. The easiest way is with a bottle watering watering plants containing a hook-shaped tube that sucks water and delivers it through the hook at the top of your pot tube; just hold the bottle, the hook is threaded at the top of the pot and pump the water to come out. These can be purchased at hardware stores and garden.

- Note that the water tends to leak from the neck of the bottle, which is gradually reduced as the roots develop.
- Try to add another floor below your tomato plant pendant to catch excess water leaking, or places a container under the floor to collect the water and use it to water tomato plants hanging other. Another option is to hang the plant where it does not matter so much where water droplets fall as on your balcony, and in such case, you could also place other pots that are not hanging below the water to take advantage of them.

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