9 natural solutions for scabies

First of all, you have to debunk some myths. Dogs do not give us mange and scabies are not just touching an infected person. prolonged skin contact is required to contract scabies skin.


Scabies is caused by Sarcoptes scabiei, a kind of mite. Human scabies is different from scabies in animals, so you do not have to worry about getting scabies through your pet or any other animal that may have been in contact with you.

How can you recognize a rash of scabies?

Getting the right diagnosis is difficult when it comes to this type of condition.  Scabies rashes look like small red bumps and are in specific areas of the body affected. The body parts most commonly affected are the wrists, between fingers, back of the elbow and knees, around the waist, around the nipples, back of the feet, buttocks and genital region.

Home Remedies for scabies:

If you suffer from scabies, then you could be facing a difficult time without proper treatment. Risks of scabies can not endanger life, but it sure It can be a painful experience. Therefore, if you have been diagnosed with scabies, try these home remedies to relieve:

1. Aloe Vera:

aloe vera to treat scabies

The tiny mites are responsible for scabies can be treated with an antimicrobial agent. From insect bites to dry skin, aloe vera is the solution for almost all skin problems. The cooling effects of aloe vera are well known. This herb can help reduce the uncomfortable itching caused by scabies. You can also help skin heal faster. You can directly apply aloe vera gel or sap to the affected part of the skin for immediate relief.

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2. Lavender Oil:

Aside from being a beautiful fragrance source, lavender oil is also very useful in case of skin problems such as scabies. The oil helps to kill parasites. But it is much better in its purest form. You can get lavender oil in a good beauty shop.

3. Turmeric:

Turmeric is a home remedy for multiple use. From give your skin a glow to help heal wounds, this herb miracle can do much for the health of the skin among other benefits. You can easily apply turmeric paste to get rid of scabies.

4. Tea Tree Oil:

The tea tree oil contains terpinen-4-ol, which offers all the healing properties that can help fight scabies. You can also kill the mites with their antiparasitic properties and help the skin heal faster with its antiseptic qualities.

5. Onion:

onion peels to treat scabies

Onions can be powerful when it comes to fight against insects. Onion skin can help create a solution that can in turn get rid of those ugly mites that cause scabies eruptions.

6. Zinc:

Scabies usually produces an outbreak of fungi and this can worsen your situation. So, what can you do about it? Zinc can be used to stop the growth of fungi. You can mix zinc powder and water to create an ointment and apply it on the affected areas. Let it dry and then wash it.

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7. Bleaching:

This is a home for scabies rarely used remedy. Most people do not choose this method because it can cause long-term damage to the skin. But if you're desperate for itching, you can take this opportunity. Mix one part bleach to four parts water and have an exterminator cash ready to use mites, but must be done very carefully and do not use it excessively.

8. Permethrin:

The next time you buy an ointment checks if it contains permethrin. Even a small part, as 5% of Permetherin is enough to make an ointment that can exterminate mites. But if you want to create your own ointment against mites, you can make it at home by mixing 1 part Permethrin 1 part natural Vaseline.

9. Consult with your doctor:

Of course, this really is not a home remedy. But the first thing to do when you suspect that you have scabies is to see a doctor. It's not as easy to diagnose, so it's best to let an expert check you. Once you're sure you have scabies, you can try some of these tips to fight it.

Nothing is guaranteed when it comes to home remedies to treat scabies. If you do not succeed with any solution, try another. Be patient, because remedies are safe to help fight scabies. It's just a matter of time before finding the one that works best for you.

Writing: Life Team Lúcida

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