40 signs of the crisis of the 40’s

The midlife crisis can be for those who suffer, endless changes and new challenges, but there are also those who see this crisis with a little sense of humor and find these situations as points from which to begin a change and maybe, observe that crises can be very useful to grow.

Then you can see with which of the following 40 signs you may feel identified and add them to your life if you do not you considered yet.

1. Looking for simplifying your life seriously. Do I Look After Sheep?

2. You realize agility with those who take more than 20 years old.

3. Looking for your boyfriends or girlfriends youth on Facebook.

4. You realize that what you earn never pay your mortgage.

5. Enter your usual phrases, you begin to include: "Uh, I remember when I could ________"

6. wistfully remember your childhood and adolescence.

7. You live your virtual reality and discussions with WhatsApp as a teenager.

8. You buy a bike, motorcycle or sports equipment you will not use.

9. Suddenly want to learn to play an instrument.

10. We are concerned that your hair fall out.

11. You Eurotas in new classes and hobbies.

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12. Suddenly want to contribute to a better world.

13. You look wistfully how handsome you were young.

14.- think the worst if you call your father at an ungodly hour.

15.- going to concerts of groups 70 and 80.

16. Suddenly you start to listen to music and to see independent film.

17.- visits new holiday destinations childhood.

18. You start to believe that you will not retire someday.

Lees 19.- forward to the obituaries.

20.- obsessively You compare your image with others of your age.

21.- you dye gray hair, if you have any hair.

22. You stop telling people your age.

23.- dream of quitting your job but you know you can not.

Tomas 24.- vitamins to be stronger.

25. You start to stretch the skin on your face every time you spend in the mirror.

26.- want to change friends but new friends are not so good.

27.- think about leaving work and run a rural house or a restaurant.

28.- start dating much younger than you people.

29.- look at your medical symptoms on the internet.

30.- think about returning to the Church or be good but you never do.

31. You see that all politicians and bosses are always younger than you.

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32.- think of hair transplants and cosmetic surgery.

33.- You Eurotas in an NGO or adopt animals.

34. Do not sleep well thinking about professional issues.

35.- Hangovers are getting worse and last longer than one day.

36.- Garments begin to shrink.

37.- you worried that someone younger take away the work.

38.- start making a risky sport.

39. Every time you care less etiquette and conventions.

40.- You only read books on vacation.

That is all. Add right now and tell your results as you go.

0-10 Stop reading these things, you are or are too young to understand what I say.

11-20 I think you're not taking this seriously make you old. ?! You do not realize you're gonna die !?

21-30 Here we are almost everyone. Concerned but not to the nervous breakdown.

31-40 Hey! let's calm down a little. If you score at this level I tell you that this step not going to get old.

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