Ideas to make toys with recycled material

Toys with recycled material

Are you looking for gift ideas for toddlers and promote ecology, creativity and economy? The following examples are creative ideas that will give you options to make this gift a different gift, but not only be the excuse as they make toys with recycled materials, is an excellent therapy game all in itself promotes positvas things for children and society in general.

 Toys with recycled material

Give him a chance your kids or your kids to take care blow your wits with these new crafts that are created from materials that can be recycled or a new use before deshecharlos away. You can not just that, make your own collection to take home or sell it. Excellent ieda for guys go in the sense of creating awareness of self-reliance and sustainability.

There are endless ideas for recycling and starting the object unless you imagine can create wonders that children will be surprised. Review the following Ideas to make toys with recycled material.

Ideas for toys with metal

Toys that can be created in metal cans or other metal objects, always look with a very original touch. Cans of tuna, tomato juice and gaseoseas are a good item to use if it is to make toys such as phones, robots, spaceships, cars, trucks, and many more. Do not forget the bottle caps or tabs glass bottles with them you can also make many details to your toys.

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recycled toys

Truck toys with recycled material

Ideas for making plastic toys

Ideas for reusing plastic toys, especially plastic bottles of shampoo, soda, soap, yougur, milk and others, are many and varied. Plastic boats of all sizes and colors, are easily coupled to devise an endless amount of toys and various objects to make, from cars, trucks, airplanes, helicopters, robots, masks and more. Here is a variety for yourself begin to draw your own ideas.

cart Toys
Animal recycled toys
toys masks
recycled toys helicopter
recycled plastic toy boat
Recycled plastic robot toys
Plastic toys mask
plastic dolls recycled
Robot recycled plastic
Piglet recycled material
recycling toy penguin
Recycled toys playeros

recycled plastic toys

reused plastic rocket

Ideas for toys with cardboard

The range of toys that we can give reusing cardboard is something else. Each toy developed with different material gives the toy a unique identity, and in this case the cardboard offers a very versatile guy who can be from a slide, to a track car, a house, stove, aircraft, toys, what else are you? Here are some examples:

Kitchen recycled cardboard
Camioncito cardboard boat
Cardboard plane
recycled cardboard rocket
Little stove recycled cardboard
cardboard toys
Toy cardboard house
recycled cardboard guitar
Recycled cardboard toy

Toy recycling cardboard
Cardboard motorway

Ideas for toys with various materials

To create no rule to follow strictly, and if recycled to make toys with any material you a clever idea can make art. Here are some ideas made with other materials such as fabric, stone, cork, clothing, wood, etc., from which you can also make novel toys.

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bebeleche recycled fabric

Domino stones

Chinese checkers cloth toys

Osito recycled toys

toy house recycled material

animal toys

Sailboats recycled toys

Memorama recycled wood

Toy paintbrushes

Viíbora cork toys

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