Music for relaxation and healing

Music for relaxation and healing

Music for relaxation and find moments of calm and healing.

Playlist Music for relaxation.

Music has a New Age style, relaxation, nature. with sounds of nature, accompanied by warm collection instrumental music to relieve fatigue and stress. We invite you to listen to this audio and reap the benefits of music therapy.

What is music for relaxation and healing

Technique healing medicinal sound also known as sonoterapia can be used as alternative medicine, as in the case of acupuncture, for example, placing vibrating tuning forks that must be calibrated to the specific healing frequencies for each organ in the acupoints meridians related to a specific ailment or organs where an imbalance exists. This may sound called acupuncture, acupuncture with tuning forks or acupuncture without needles.

And there is now the healing technique with medical electronic sound, which works electronically frequency producing accurate, specific sound for each organ or meridian. In this case, the person can hear the frequency of healing sound (preferably with quality headphones) and benefit from the healing vibrations in accordance with the principle of resonance, which states that anything that vibrates (such as the meridians and the organs of the human body) reacts favorably to their harmonic vibrations.

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