20 uses white vinegar that you can not miss

White vinegar has a lot of properties that can leverage both to improve health, as a beauty treatment and as an ally of our cuisine. Discover all their benefits and applications.

uses white vinegar

Surely you have in your refrigerator a bottle of vinegar forgotten, or perhaps you've never noticed the uses that may have white vinegar for us. This liquid useful also has a nice history, literature often confused with the history of wine and the cause of it is that really the wine is the father of vinegar, its origin is really accidental when occurring in ancient times where the wine was one of the favorite drinks. A sudden event made wine vinegar again, as in the Bible to this liquid appears references since then and to date in times of technology, Internet and move no home where a bottle of white vinegar is not found.

white vinegar uses

White vinegar has multiple utilities and many fields of human life, there are three main areas where he can become a king, health, household cleaning and cosmetics, because then limit it to use in the kitchen. You can see here a very useful target list that you can give that forgotten in the fridge bottle. Among the uses of white vinegar that you can not miss:

Health uses:

According to the Journal of Food Science vinegar has the following health benefits:

"Functional therapeutic properties of white vinegar include antibacterial activity, reducing blood pressure, antioxidant activity, reducing the effects of diabetes, prevention of cardiovascular disease, and increased vigor after exercise."

  1. Freshens your breathIf you use it as a mouthwash, white vinegar reduces bad breath.
  2. Is gastric reflux: Take one tablespoon of vinegar per day, although ironically, helps you reduce gastric reflux.
  3. Relieves diarrhea: Those suffering from diarrhea bacterial infection can take white vinegar for its antibiotic properties. It also helps deworming.
  4. Prevents indigestion: Take one tablespoon of this type of vinegar mixed with honey, half an hour before eating something heavy prevents indigestion.
  5. Stop hiccupsIt is one of the tried to get rid of annoying hiccup remedies.
  6. If you have acne or open pores vinegar is your ally. Two or three times a week mixing one part white vinegar six water and applied to the areas to be treated

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For home hygiene:

household white vinegar

  1. To remove rust sprinkle some vinegar and scrub gently, put a little more and let stand for 20 minutes. This helps in cases of mild oxidation.
  2. To clean glass, mirrors and windows. Mix 1/4 cup white vinegar with 4 cups of water. Use newspaper to clean paper, you'll see are gleaming.
  3. As degreaser kitchen. Mix 4 cups of water with 1/4 cup of white vinegar and one tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate.
  4. To clean the refrigerator Put water and vinegar in the same proportions and use it as a cleaner, non-toxic, clean well and eliminates unpleasant odors.
  5. To remove stains in the bathroomIf you have accumulations of soap or stains in the bathroom you can put vinegar, rub it and then remove it with water.

Uses white vinegar as a cosmetic:

  1. Relieves itching so annoying mosquitoes; just put the bite on a cotton ball with vinegar.
  2. To give hair shine: After washing your hair, pour a cup of vinegar on it to get a brighter and silky hair.
  3. Help to remove dandruff Rinse your hair with a preparation half cup of vinegar to two cups of water
  4. Alleviates itchy dry skin product from too much sun or environmental damage by just putting two tablespoons in a bathtub with hot water.
  5. Removes stains that some fruit left in our hands. Pure rub on the stain and rinse your hands thoroughly.
  6. Wash your teeth once a week with vinegar to have whiter teeth.
  7. As well It used to clean hair brushes. Let them soak in vinegar night.
  8. Hardens nails. Soak your nails for 2 minutes in pure vinegar, dried and processed to paint.
  9. Smoothes the cuticle soaking for 5 minutes.

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White vinegar is a natural product whose properties can help replace piles of toxic products, it is important that whenever you can lay hold of the simplest products is guarantee of health and at the same time is sustainable for our beloved planet.

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