7 Health problems caused by tight-fitting clothing

Known health problems caused by tight-fitting clothing and how you can reverse it to improve many aspects, thus the blood circulation, digestion of food, the appearance of cellulite among several factors.

tight clothes

Tight-fitting clothing can cause some health problems which in some cases could eventually have serious complications. Therefore, it is always advisable to take advantage of those garments that can make us feel more comfortable that allow us not to compress certain areas of the body and help us to feel freer.

Health problems caused by the use of tight clothing

Also, change our shoes several times during the day can be of great help to our feet feel more relaxed and that will bring a benefit to the health of the whole body. Here you can meet some of the problems caused by the use of tight clothing.

1. affects the blood circulation

Tight clothing can hinder blood to flow normally, causing spend much time in the lower extremities. This pressure on the legs and the abdominal area can be dangerous, because it can generate swelling, among other complications in the legs and buttocks.

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2. Maldigestion

Trousers and tight belts may hinder the process of digestion. After eating your stomach expands, and the pressure in this area can cause some stomach acids flow into the stomach causing you heartburn and reflux.

3. Back pain

health problems by wearing tight clothing

Wearing pants and tight shirts can prevent your body relax and consequently provoke back pain. If you start to wear baggy clothes only for a couple of days you will notice the difference. And it is that when you wear tight clothing, muscles are overloaded, causing your vertebrae try harder account. In addition, having compressed hips lose support your spine.

4. Varicose Veins

Dress the legs tight clothes can facilitate the emergence of varices, by pressure it exerted on the area.

5. Cellulite

While tight clothing itself is not the cause of cellulite, this practice may delay the positive effects of a treatment to combat and thereby favoring its occurrence, so that a case of cellulite grade 1 grade 2 can become.

6. Diseases genitals

Humidity and high temperature caused by tight clothes in the genital area, can favor the development of fungi and bacteria. but this risk is not just for women, men can cause them to changes in the quantity and quality of sperm and even cause pain in the testicles.

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7. Breathing problems

Very close to the body garments could obstruct the flow of oxygen through the body. For example, you can make your breath reaches only the upper chest. Thus, exchanges of gases not realized efficiently and your body begins to accumulate more carbon dioxide, which accelerates the oxidation of cells and promotes aging.

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