Methods to sleep naturally

Failure sleep can become a serious problem because it can be harmful to health. It has been found that there is today a large number of people are forced to resort to drugs and chemical compounds as a resource to improve sleep at night. However there are other alternatives to deal with this drawback, discovered here methods to fall asleep naturally and without spending on expensive treatments.

Sleep in minutes

Foods falling asleep

Sleeping six to eight hours a day is very important so that the body has energy and stamina during the day. It should be noted that during deep sleep phase is carried out the regeneration process, especially the maintenance of body tissues. It also is necessary for the brain to rest and perform the daily routine successfully.


It is recommended eating cherries an hour before going to bed at night. Its effect produces melatonin which is responsible for communicating to the brain that it is time to sleep. What ideas it is to eat foods that have potassium and magnesium, carbon hydrates and proteins who are responsible for accelerating the release of serotonin.

Wholemeal bread

Wholemeal bread, besides being a delicious and healthy food is a highly nutritious food that contains vitamins B1 and B6 of whole grains. Depending on the taste of each person, wholemeal bread can be combined with honey, this combination makes the tryptophan to reach the brain where it is converted into serotonin and improves the quality of sleep.

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wild lettuce

Plant which favors if color suffer head, discomfort in joints or muscle problems. It is characterized by having an effect to calm anxiety, which promotes a peaceful and restful sleep. Wild lettuce can be consumed as a supplement, ideally take between 30 and 120 milligrams of it before going to sleep.

wild lettuce


specialists recommend incorporating oats into the diet every day, but consume it at other times of the day considering the evening can benefit the body in general. It is a very healthy cardiovascular system especially for food, which can be a great ally for people with diabetes. In addition oat intake before bed can help relax the muscles and sleep naturally.

Pure honey

For their contribution in tryptophan produced better conditions for the body to rest. This is because the pure honey is an amino acid which is linked to the production of a hormone with a relaxing effect on the body called serotonin. A small dose of honey accompanied by a cup of warm milk would be ideal.


Here we must include walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, among others. Because it contains tryptophan and magnesium are one type of food for up to get a pleasant and restful sleep.

natural plants falling asleep

These herbs and plants can help you achieve a faster and deeper to achieve reduce stress and relieve anxiety dream.

Green Tea

green tea sleeping

medicinal plant that has an amino acid called L-theanine, a property that is responsible for inducing a deep sleep to people every night for the next day dawns body relaxed. It is advisable to drink a cup of green tea before going to sleep or eat it directly as it gets in specialty food stores. If you opt for the last option should be between 50 and 200 milligrams.

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People who like beer will surely recognize the flavor of this herb. Thanks to its properties hops extract may be used as a mild sedative, ideal to treat anxiety and sleep naturally. For the results to be reflected in a short time is recommended to consume between 30 and 120 milligrams of extract of this plant before going to bed.


Thanks to its soothing and sedative effects of boldo possible sleep at night. The idea is to consume an infusion of 2.5 grams of dried leaves in 100 ml of water before going to sleep. Should be avoided if possible drink more than four weeks, it is not advisable if there is diarrhea, kidney failure, liver disease or gallstones.


This plant has been used for years thanks to its soothing properties. For this reason it is recommended to drink an infusion of a spoonful of dried flowers, ie a cup of chamomile tea before bedtime to get to sleep. Consumption should be avoided if pregnancy should be performed either long as it may cause gastrointestinal irritation treatments.

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