Red foods to reduce risk of Prostate Cancer

Today, it is not clear whether the nutrition of a man It affects to develop prostate cancer, however, several nutritional interventions are promising to help prevent this type of cancer, quite possibly related Lycopene, a reddish pigment that gives color to fruits and vegetables.

Red foods prostate cancer

A man has a 1 in 5 chance of developing prostate cancer in their life. Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer, just after Cancer from skin, this it is according to the information provided by the Society jacket of the Cancer. Men with higher risk for this disease, are over age 50, African-Americans, or those with a family history (father, brother) who have had prostate cancer.

How prostate cancer is detected

A analysis, blood called PSA (Antigen prostatic specific), It is commonly used to identify prostate problems, which is a gland the size of a nut, which it is part of system player male. The high levels PSA, they indicate that the prostate may be inflamed, infected or increased, but even with these conditions, You may or may not indicate the presence of cancer, so other recommended tests and others diagnostics, like a biopsy.

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Research, have revealed that carry a diet vegetarian, You can exercise some protection against prostate cancer and although this kind of diet sounds promising, it is not in itself something entirely prevent the occurrence of this condition, but strongly recommended for prevention and for other diseases. Part of that benefit may be due to lycopene, a red pigment, color to fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, apricots or apricots, guava and watermelons.

Red foods rich in lycopene

Foods rich in lycopene to prevent prostate cancer

Recent investigations have shown that, Lycopene helps lower PSA levels and decrease the risk of developing prostate cancer. While lycopene is found naturally in toOOD, some studies have shown the benefits of using Lycopene supplements. However, when we eat foods high in lycopene, those with red pulp, a lot of other nutrients that work together to also receive fight cancer.

Red List of foods to prevent prostate cancer

The main foods that contain lycopene are foods with red pigment, however there are also other fruits and vegetables that contain:

  • Tomatoes
  • red pepper
  • Watermelon
  • plums
  • Papaya
  • apricots
  • Grapefruit
  • carrots
  • Asparagus

By the way, lycopene from cooked with a little oil, is better absorbed in the body those who are ingested raw. The tomatoes cooked oil from olive, for example, they release more lycopene in the body than raw tomatoes. The vitamin D, is another one nutrient interest in fight against prostate cancer. This vitamin in the hormones, You can have an effect protective on cells gland prostate, this according to various cancer research institutes.

how to prevent prostate cancer with red aliemtnos

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Some studies have found that men with prostate cancer who were treated with vitamin D, They get to experience low levels of PSA in the blood; although other studies have not shown the same benefit, however, a recent review article concluded that therapies based on Vitamin D, for prostate cancer, may soon be a practice medical.

Caution: Vitamin D, it can be very toxic when it is taken in dose above 10,000 UI (units international) Per day over a period of many years. Always consult your doctor, before starting any type of therapy from nutrition.

Writing: Life Team Lúcida

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