The importance of oral hygiene

The role proper oral hygiene to avoid illness and disease in the mouth, tongue and teeth, and other digestive problems, is paramount and should not belittle. In our mouth hygiene can help prevent bacteria and diseases such as canker sores, gingivitis, caries, periodontitis among other oral problems.

how to maintain oral hygiene

The mouth is a fundamental part of our digestive system, so, care of it through proper oral hygiene is vital to our digestion and its proper functioning, and generally for our overall health.

Why is it important to have good oral hygiene?

To have proper oral hygiene, including all its parts: gums, teeth, palate, tongue and mouth in general, not only it allows fresh breath, but impeccable oral health, thus preventing infections or diseases that can attack our mouth, teeth or gums, thus affecting not only our oral health, but also can affect our digestive system.

And having good oral hygiene, We protect our mouth any external agent that can hurt, We keep our gums healthy, so that our teeth have a healthy base where stay, and we also have our teeth healthy and strong, and begin to chew properly digest the food we eat.

How can we have a proper oral hygiene?

  • The main thing is tooth for tooth brushing, on all sides, all for about 2 to 3 minutes. You can try the option of making a toothpaste without fluoride, so you avoid damage that commercial toothpastes can cause our body.
  • Do at least twice perday. Although it is advisable to do to get up after every meal and before going to sleep.
  • Flossing at least once a day, thus eliminating the board or any fiber or filament has been between our teeth and gums, and has not been removed by brushing.
  • Using mouthwash at least once a day to maintain a fresh and healthy breath, adding an extra in removing plaque.
  • Having a healthy, balanced diet, thus, provide our teeth and gums nutrients needed to be healthy and strong and prevent possible diseases.
  • Avoid smoking and snuff, which seriously affects our mouth generally being up mouth cancer.

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the importance of oral hygiene

How to know if our mouth is in a healthy state?

There are many signs that we can indicate whether the state that is our mouth is right or not:

  • If the teeth have a uniform color (Not necessarily white because some people have a yellowish ivory, naturally).
  • Yes They are clean, no dirt or food residue between them.
  • If your gums are healthy; and pink, no swelling, no pain or sacred when brushing.
  • If you do not have bad breath (Although in some cases, bad breath can come from a gastrointestinal problem, or some bacteria in the gut, so it is recommended that if you think you have good oral hygiene, and still have bad breath, consult a doctor ).

We must not forget that no toothpaste or mouthwash will make us miracles, just a good daily routine in our oral hygiene, accompanied by a balanced diet will keep our mouth, teeth and gums healthy.

When going to the dentist?

We must not forget to go to our trusted dentist at least once or twice a year, as there are small details that may not be as noticeable to us. But for them as specialists in the area are easy to spot. But if any discomfort, pain or unusual oral condition that we perceive, we should not expect to meet the year, we go immediately to our dentist and tell our discomfort. In this way we will have complete confidence that we have and maintain a correct and healthy oral hygiene.

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Writing: Life Team Lúcida

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