Consumption of garlic to prevent vision loss

Find out how to use garlic press can achieve reverse vision loss avoiding wearing glasses ahead of time and avoiding surgeries that can aggravate the situation.

Garlic for vision loss

Age brings many health problems and vision impairment is just one of them. Macular degeneration related to age is very common, especially among those over 50 years old Caucasian women.

Using garlic to prevent vision loss

Aside from natural aging, there are a number of other factors also affect the loss of vision and this often includes lifestyle they lead. However, often some small changes in diet, such as increased intake of garlic, can make a difference to improve the conditions of the eye and other factors indirectly related to loss of eyesight.

Cholesterol Reduction

According to new research from Harvard Medical School, reducing cholesterol levels can lead to a lower risk of macular degeneration age-related. The situation is that this condition is closely related to the accumulation of fat deposits under the retina, leading to decreasing or drastically reduce the field of view.

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In the study Lipitor, a statin, which was given in high doses to 23 patients with macular degeneration related to age, is supply and this significantly reduced fat deposits under the retina and an improvement was attained in vision 10 the patients.

One of the Garlic medicinal properties including its ability to reduce cholesterol levels because the powerful ingredients containing, which prevent the synthesis of cholesterol. Eat only half a clove of garlic per day can significantly reduce total cholesterol levels, according to studies.

properties of garlic to improve the conditions of sight

Lowering blood pressure

Vision loss related to age, is also linked to hypertension. High blood pressure restricts blood flow, thus seriously affecting the activity of the retina. The retina depends on high levels of oxygen to function properly; therefore restricted blood flow supplied less oxygen to the retina, compromising view.

The benefits carrying garlic consumption regarding hypertension is significantly lower systolic blood pressure, according to the Cochrane database. This was confirmed by two randomized controlled studies.

With all this, we can understand that the benefits of eating garlic act indirectly on improving the conditions of vision and they are a natural preventive method for macular degeneration caused by age.

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Important: For best results with the use of garlic for health, crush or press it before consumption can be recommended. This will release further active ingredients and optimize its effects.

Garlic is a vegetable both inexpensive and readily available with a wide variety of uses. Since it is all natural, no side effects found as if they may appear in conventional medications.

Increase the intake of garlic can help to ensure the health of the eyes and prevent macular degeneration long term.

Writing: Life Team Lúcida
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