How to have a tuned makeup face

There are different types of faces, including tuned or elongated face, a face that is similar to an oval shape, is a very flexible way to face because this kind of face would look good most haircuts, eyeglasses, earrings etc.

tuned face makeup

Gorditos wide faces or faces, with wide jaws and cheeks may look more refined with the help of makeup, with different techniques and products can solve this problem. This will suffice to make the face look more proportioned and hairstyles, eyeglasses and other accessories favor more.

How to have a tuned makeup face

No need to be a professional makeup artist to achieve sharpen the face with makeup, but it is essential to learn the correct techniques to do so, then only need to practice to get better every day.

Apply the base

It begins applying base of the skin tone and then extends into the neck and chest with the aid of a latex sponge. The base should be chosen according to skin type, the powders are ideal for oily, creamy consistency are the perfect stop dry, while the base fluid suit any type of skin.

Stroking his face with dark color correctors

different types of rosrtro

In this case they were used dark colors give depth to achieve in some areas, so you will get Contouring face For this look thinner. It can be used creamy correctors or bronzing powder, either of these will ideal for a face tuned through the Makeupand.

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  1. The dark color is applied over the cheekbones, starting from the inside to the ear and then diffuses down.
  2. The faces that have very wide jaw can be disguised by applying a dark tone on the same line.
  3. Gill also makes the face look rounder, so applying a dark shade on it will be achieved downsized.
  4. Round or square faces have broad front, for this reason a dark tone will be placed on either side of her, just at the hairline.
  5. It is important to blend well so that tones are based on the base and there are no lines dividing colors.

apply illuminator

To highlight and cheekbones volume must be added a small amount of illuminator in them, then the center of the forehead and the nose tip.

Makeup eyebrows

Eyebrows are very important if you want to get a refined face, when these have a curved shape and are too thin they make the face look more round and wide.

Why should disguise eyebrows with a similar tone to the natural tone, but never use black shadow, in this case you should opt for a gray tone. Eyebrows should make up for these obtain an angular shape, as this form will favor much to this face. Another important detail is that if you need to fill up too much space is better to draw hair by hair to make it look more natural.

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Other details that must be taken into account

It is important to use a good concealer, as they make the face look more round. highlight the eyes are recommended with a nice makeup, so attention will face. False can be used for a more intense look attractive eyelashes. Lips can makeup with light colors or lip glosses that will highlight the lips of a subtle and beautiful way.

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