How to treat sciatica pain


You may experience mild pain and numbness, or severe painful burning sensation that affects one side of the body. Discomfort and pain of sciatica may require the person to stay in bed, and most of them usually take ibuprofen or other counter medication to relieve pain. This situations and may be constant in people suffering from sciatica, which, defining it properly means: severe pain that runs along the back of the leg to the foot and is due to compression, inflammation or nerve irritation sciatic.

In this article, we will give you eight natural ways to treat inflammation and relieve sciatica pain.

Acupuncture for sciatica pain

This alternative treatment involves inserting needles of fine hair at certain points of the body. Acupuncture stimulates the flow of energy and contributes to proper nerve function. You should feel some relief after the first treatment, but many people would benefit from receiving a few sessions.

It seems that lately, acupuncture is more popular than ever. It is used in treating various health conditions such as migraine relief, stimulating lymph flow, fibromyalgia, stress management and smoking cessation help.

chiropractic adjustments

Studies based on chiropractic adjustments have shown varying levels of efficacy in the treatment of sciatica pain, and many patients have experienced significant relief. Manipulating the spine can restore mobility, improve function, reduce inflammation, decrease pain and promote natural healing.


Ice packs or a simple package of frozen peas wrapped in a towel, can do wonders to provide instant relief for sciatica. Apply the packages directly on the affected area for 20 minutes every two hours until the pain has completely disappeared area.

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alternating temperatures

Ice packs are a way to get immediate relief, but the sciatic nerve is deep in the body, so that packages can not go deeper where inflammation is.

To relieve sciatica pain, apply a warm, right after applying the ice pack compress - or better yet, take a hot bath. Alternating temperatures, can increase the flow of circulation and lymph. This will reduce the deeper inflammation and aid in the healing process. For best results, add some Epsom salts or anti-inflammatory herbs or essential oils to your bath.

Mild stretching (yoga)

When struggles with sciatica, getting around is probably the last thing that comes to mind. But it is important to be active, because otherwise the pain may last longer. Many people have confirmed that yoga stretches or soft back really improve your healing process.

intense water consumption

Proper hydration is essential for good health. Drink large amounts of water lubricates your bones and joints, making them less susceptible to injury. Also, muscles and joints become more elastic and mobility.

Epsom salts bath with hot

A hot bath Epsom salts is a perfect relaxation and therapy to relieve pain. The healing properties of Epsom salts will improve your overall health, and hot water will significantly improve blood circulation and relieve muscle pain.


Deep massage or trigger point therapies have shown great success in treating muscle spasms, pain and numbness in the legs and feet. Infused oils of herbs and essential oils also give you good results for sciatica pain.

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Herbs and oils

Nature provides many herbs that have beneficial effects, and many of them can help relieve pain and reduce inflammation. They can be found in capsules, ointments, liniments and infused oils. You can also make tea of ​​fresh or dried herbs, or use elixirs, tinctures and essential oils to relieve pain. But be sure to consult your doctor or a professional herbalist, because some herbs can interfere with medicines you are taking.

The following is a list of some herbs that can be used to treat nerve pain, inflammation and improve the health of nerves and therefore sciatica:

  • Devil's claw
  • Jamaica dogwood
  • Turmeric or curcumin (combined with black pepper to increase its bioavailability)
  • kratom
  • Arnica
  • Willow bark
  • Skullcap
  • Grass of San Juan
  • mullein root
  • Roman chamomile
  • Sage
  • Lavender
  • Linden flower
  • Oat flakes milky
  • Licorice


Last but not least, try to get enough sleep to relax muscles and relieve pain faster sciatica. In doing so, this will give your nerves and body time to rest, heal and balance. The extra sleep and rest will help rebuild and strengthen your nerves.

Although these complementary and alternative remedies have not been confirmed by scientific evidence, many people have experienced significant improvements and have managed to control the pain, spasms, numbness and cramps.

If symptoms and pain lasting more than a few weeks, be sure to consult a doctor because there is a possibility you have a slipped disc, or some other condition that is causing pressure or pinched nerves. If necessary, surgery is always an option.

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