4 natural ways to remove blackheads

There are some recommendations that can help you remove black spots in a natural way, understanding what is the origin of them and how you can reverse its appearance even improving skin health.

remove blackheads

Learn to remove impurities from the skin permanently is often complex if we consider that Most cosmetics are distributed for facial cleansing usually remove blackheads short term but without a deep medium and long term impact, also they tend to have negative consequences the use of certain cosmetics and creams counter in pharmacies.

Causes the formation of blackheads

Black dots appear when a plug is formed on the opening of one of the hair follicles of the skin. Each follicle contains a hair and a sebaceous gland that produces an oily substance called sebum, which helps keep the skin soft. Dead cells and sebum are deposited in the follicle opening, forming a relief known as black point. If the skin bulge closes this talk about a white spot, but if the skin is kept open, exposure to air causes the substance to darken and ends by forming the black point.

Factors that originate

Certain factors may increase the chance of developing acne and blackheads, including:

  • excess sebum production
  • Irritation of hair follicles when dead skin cells are not cleaned regularly
  • Proliferation of bacteria p acnes. (Propionibacterium acnes) in the skin
  • The Hormonal changes can cause an increase in sebum production during adolescence, menstruation. Likewise, the use of birth control pills can cause the appearance of black spots.
  • Some medications, such as corticosteroids, androgens or lithium.

How to remove blackheads and impurities?

The following recommendations are aimed at addressing the causes and improve overall health to avoid the appearance of blackheads, pimples and even acne, although this may be more related to problems with feeding.

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1. A diet anti-impurities

food nuts quemagrasas

When a black dot appears on the skin are compounds that seeks to eliminate the same body through our skin. To prevent blackheads is advisable that diet foods like disappear: red meat, sausages, milk derivatives, precooked and fried foods. As a replacement you can add:

  1. Fresh fruits and vegetables.
  2. Vegetables.
  3. Nuts and seeds.
  4. Whole grains.
  5. Foods with healthy fats such as coconut oil, avocado, oily fish, etc.

2. Water

Consuming the right amount of water during the day is a simple method and natural course to clean the skin from within, then preventing the appearance of blackheads. Between a liter and a half and two of water every day it is ideal to maintain proper skin cleansing, plus it also helps cleanse the body and cleanse the kidneys.

3. Scrub home

To help the body eliminate impurities topically, while the effects of the new habits begin to take effect, you can prepare a homemade exfoliating scrub.

  1. L Mix same amount of sodium and bicarbonate aloe vera gel.
  2. Add 10 drops of lemon essential oil per 50 grams.
  3. Preparation retains a glass jar that is hermetically sealed.
  4. You can keep for up to two weeks.

As for the application Wash and dry your face well. After exfoliating apply in areas of black spots while doing massage circular shape. Finally wash and applies a moisturizing tonic or lotion.

4. lemon peel or juice

The use of lemon can be considered as a trick to disappear black spots.

Lemon peel

It may be advisable that you Untes lemon peel in areas where blackheads are present, right before bed, something very important thing to consider is that You must not apply lemon on the skin and sun exposure because it can stain skin.

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Lemon juice

Another alternative is to use lemon juice and apply directly to the affected area following the tips above to cause stains.

Mask lemon and egg white

also can wear a mask very easy to perform and can help both to remove blackheads how to treat acne and pimples the same time. To make this mask you need to mix the lemon juice with an egg about half a teaspoon. Apply this mask on the face and then despréndela to remove excess bait and oiliness on your face.

Preventing blackheads

rinse face wash face

You can prevent the formation of blackheads without spending money experimenting with some of the following precautions:

Regular hygiene

Wash your face before going to bed to remove the accumulation of fat that can cause the formation of blackheads. Washing more than twice a day can irritate the skin and aggravate acne. Use a gentle cleanser that will not irritate or can redden the skin.

Do not forget to wash your hair every day, especially if you have crasitud. Oily hair can cause blockage of the pores. It is also important to wash the face after eating fatty foods like pizza, because the oil content in foods can promote clogging the pores.

Not use oily products

Any product containing oil can promote the formation of new pimples. Choose makeup products, lotions and sunscreens without oil can prevent the occurrence of this problem.

Use homemade exfoliant

Homemade masks and peeling helps remove dead skin cells face and can help reduce blackheads. Remember to look for products that do not irritate the skin.

Writing: Life Team Lúcida
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