7 beauty tips using Vaseline

Vaseline is an important complement to the beauty routine is useful for skin care and even to solve different problems at home.

Vaseline beauty tricks

A lot of women invests money on beauty products that ultimately do not provide positive results, for this reason we share some Natural beauty tips using Vaseline, an ingredient that can be purchased at any supermarket but can be much more effective and healthier if we produce ourselves.

Homemade beauty tips using Vaseline

To give a healthy look to the face, neck, hands and lips need to know what kind of use Vaseline. In the market there artificial Vaseline, a petroleum product which can be harmful to the body in general. Oxygen and nutrients skin needs may obstruct products containing oil, because of this reason we recommend applying vaseline naturally provide real benefits to the skin.

Vaseline on the lips

For wear a soft mouth, silky and free of dryness needed only a jar of Vaseline, a teaspoon of sugar and a tissue. Hand taking these products should be applied a layer of Vaseline on the lips, it can be neutral or perfumed, according to the taste of each.

Then be applied sugar lips using your fingers and making a gentle circular massage to remove all the loose pielecitas. After one or two minutes the product is removed with a tissue, to finish a good amount of Vaseline is applied to moisturize the mouth.

Tricks to cover wrinkles

eye wrinkles

The beauty tips using Vaseline exist and are effective to cover wrinkles. Vaseline is rich in vitamin A and E which makes it an ideal moisturizer for dry skin. To achieve a smooth skin without impurities are recommended a small amount of petroleum jelly on wrinkles and give gentle massage top down.

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The area where this product is applied must be thoroughly cleaned so that the skin can absorb the benefits it offers. Just apply it at night or during the day, two or three times a week. It can also be used in the corners if they are very marked.

Tricks for split ends

This beauty trick prevents the hair ends break, crack or dry out. Mane to grow strong and healthy should apply a little Vaseline on the tips of the hair. In this way is achieved keep moisture and nourish the damaged part. You can also add a small dose gently massaging the area to promote hair growth.

Vaseline for eyelashes longer

Eyelashes play an important role in the beauty of the face so many women seek special care to make them look strong and long. To achieve this goal there is an easy and effective trick. We have a natural treatment very simple, all it takes is a small pot of neutral Vaseline and, of course, natural.

It is recommended apply a small amount of it on the eyelid just before sleep. Thus petroleum jelly moisturizes eyelashes the maximum also products work with greater intensity than in the morning. It is important eye makeup remover well before use beauty trick for eyelashes lengthening If you want results quickly.

Ideal to avoid rashes

This is a skin condition that turns out to be quite annoying, not only gives itching, but inflames the area and it shows the naked eye. To prevent or treat a rash on the body needed applying an amount of petroleum jelly to ease home and completely eliminate itching. Ideally use this product every day on his neck, hands or face before going to bed.

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A complement to soften cuticles

Cuticle beauty tips

Hands are an important part of the body must be careful. One of the obstacles to achieving this goal are the cuticles. To overcome this drawback is recommended applying a portion of Vaseline on them for a week, the days can be seen as soften and remove them is much easier.

Helps set a perfume

East beauty trick is simple for a perfume last longer. The first is applied to the skin a small amount of petroleum jelly and then spray the fragrance. This product can be used without any problem as it does not alter the smell of the lotion to be a neutral product.

final recommendations

  • Avoid contact with eyes Vaseline: if the product reaches the eyes should be washed with water.
  • Use Vaseline with caution: if the skin is inflamed should be avoided synthetic petrolatum, and opt for natural. Vaseline oil derived manufactured and cause serious skin damage.
  • Beware injuries or wounds: in case of an injury or any injury, it is better not to use vaseline as it could affect the exposed area, other home remedies which they are effective in this case.

Writing: Life Team Lúcida

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