3 healthy breakfast recipes for diabetics

Try these healthy breakfasts that will help maintain stable levels of blood sugar while a source of protein are necessary for the body.

a delicious sandwich for diabetics

Diabetes is a disease characterized by abnormal pancreatic functions, not synthesize correct amount of insulin needed by the body to maintain balanced glucose levels. Insulin is the hormone responsible for maintaining stable indicators of blood glucose, allowing it to be correctly carried by the body into cells.

Diabetics suffer from an excess of blood glucose, which in medical terms is defined as hyperglycemia because insulin is not distributed evenly in the body.

People suffering from this disease can lead a normal life like any other. However, they should be maintained, depending on the type of diabetes, under medical control, insulin shots and a strict diet; life becomes more bearable and long despite this anomaly suffered by the pancreas.

Food represents one of the fundamental pillars of people who can, depending on the severity of the disease, take the patient to a state almost no disease but remain dormant. To do this, you must consider the correct combination of foods at meals, in interjornadas and excluded from sugary foods.

Breakfast for diabetics

He Breakfast should be rich in protein compounds beneficial for those suffering from diabetes. By keeping a good balance in breakfast foods, the chances of maintain stable blood glucose will be the most optimal

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Here we present three recipes for breakfast for diabetics:

1. Tacos based lettuce with vegetables and egg

This is a recipe rich in vitamins, healthy, delicious most importantly, free of carbohydrates. It will benefit diabetics by keeping them in an ideal and light weight.

The Preparation is very simple, it must separate the whites and yolks, whites and cooking salpimentar a pan with olive oil, then chop into pieces and set aside in a stoppered bowl.

To avoid any stomach infection, they should be cleaned lettuce leaves well in water and vinegar, then you reserve a place free from heat.

Use fresh tomatoes, wheat germ, corn and carrots, sauté briefly in a pan with olive oil for a few minutes later before completing add basil. He retired and reserves.

Finally, fold lettuce leaves as a tortilla taco accommodates vegetables evenly thereon and placing the pieces of light. If you want can extend them a piece of avocado as a companion.

Symptoms of blood sugar

2. Sandwich with goat cheese, spinach and avocado

It is perfect for enjoying leave very early to exercise because it is a quick and delicious option. A breakfast that will fill you with energy.

The first thing to do is preheat the oven to a temperature of 180 °, then put the pan on a cookie sheet and toast in the oven. After making sure this place a sheet of crispy spinach and goat cheese untarle next to the avocado.

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Finally serve accompanied with a sugar-free drink, preferably a natural juice.

3. Tortillas pumpkin with egg whites and vegetables

These succulent pumpkin tortillas topped with egg whites and vegetables. Perfect complement to avoid carbohydrates with a little plain yogurt to give a touch of freshness.

The first thing to do is to grate the pumpkin and reserve it in a bowl with a little olive oil and one part egg whites, cook them until they have a good consistency. In the same pan in which you cooked tortillas Add remaining egg whites with some chopped onions. Stir while cooking.

Finally serve the tortilla on a plate, place the egg whites cooked, and finally put some vegetables such as carrot and cauliflower spiced, serve and taste.

So simple and delicious you can cook those with diabetes, although these recipes do not belong to the common denominator of the most delicious breakfast foods, they can help add many more years of life, good health, optimal weight and energy 100% not only people with diabetes, but anyone who wishes to bring a better lifestyle.

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