Make the rest of your life the best of your life

There are many things to do to start living the life that you really like, but often just enough to shift the focus of our perception of reality around us.


Converts the rest of your life the best of your life

Let's be realistic and start with the first four steps to convert the rest of our lives to the best of our lives. They are fairly simple, are operable and when you start to move through this process, You will notice how your life begins to open up to become a life that you really love. Of course, at first you might notice a lot of things you do not want, should not discourage you, this is normal. So let's start creating and recreating the life you love.


You must stop and think, take time for yourself and ask yourself, who are you being now? What are you doing in your life you are serving your highest good and do not you are currently serving to get the best of your life?

It is convenient to these reflections while taking a walk, sitting in nature and thinking about what is working for you at this time and what not. Do this exercise with a gentle heart. Try to put aside the criticism, just observe what is making you happy now that makes you feel uncomfortable.

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live-the-life-that-you sound

is authentic

This is the second step, and as we move forward, try to be true to yourself who you are. Contact your essence, your heart and your truth. Are you being the person that you know you are, but the rest?

Ask yourself some questions. Do I like how I am expressing in the world? Am I being true to myself? What am I missing? How I can be more authentic with others?

Be creative

With the purpose of break your own current limits and limitations that prevent you start living a life that you love, you must leave your comfort zone and do something fun. Be creative!

This step can be simpler than it seems, but to challenge the comfort zone we can cause a lot of fear, which must precede our goal, which is to convert our life in our best project and realize it, and this means moving.

Go out and have fun. Are there any activities of children you would like to start again like dancing, painting or sports? Go ahead and do it. If you can not think of anything, pay attention to it is the first thing that comes to your mind and try to achieve it challenging your own prejudices and limitations.

Define your dream

the best of your life

In order to define your sleep it is necessary to see what actually enlightens you inside. Where in your life you are overflowing with happiness and fulfillment in your life and where you need something? It must have a general sense what inspires you. You know what inspires you? Is there anything I call you, a dream waiting to be born?

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What is your dream? Is it clear now? If so, how can you follow it? Does this dream really brings satisfaction? You must take the time to create your dream, if you have not already clear.

You can use a journal and eriting what you want with all the details you can imagine. Where is your happy place? What are you doing and who you are? This is the beginning of your dreams, use your imagination.

These are the first four steps to get the life you love, so all the time and effort that involves worth. They may seem simple steps, but simple is not always easy, especially if you are looking for a great transformation in your life. Try to enjoy the way, happiness is not the end goal, but every step you take.

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