What is the ideal time for coffee

Coffee time

Find out which is the best time for coffee
Early in the morning to start the day with coffee is something we can consider as usual. We can imagine the scene: we got as we can out of bed, let stumbled into the kitchen, we tried to upgrade his hand over his eyes so that they can be more open and we got to the kitchen to try to drink our coffee. Many people consider that time, when they drink the first sip of coffee, as the beginning of the day because it's the way they see compelling to wake up once.

But is this true? Steven Miller, editor of the blog Neuroscience DC, questions this way to start the day drinking coffee. Who writes this blog we mentioned, it is a specialist in chronopharmacology, the discipline that analyzes the interaction between different biological rhythms of the human body and drugs.

How coffee can act in our body
The body has several time references to guide the needs or stimuli over 24 hours circadian rhythm determines sleep habits, the ultradian rhythm is saying to rest every 90 minutes and the rhythm of cortisol, notorious as the "stress hormone", it is responsible for regulating the level of alert. Miller believes that caffeine, the active ingredient of coffee, should be built taking into account these internal clocks to generate a positive effect not lead to disorders or messes.

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For example, a study by the University of Sheffield shows that the highest level of cortisol is between eight and nine o'clock. Accordingly, Miller explains in his blog: "A coffee in the morning involves incorporating caffeine when our body is reaching a high level of naturally alert". He adds that "one of the principles of pharmacology determines that a drug must be incorporated only when the body needs it. Otherwise, we could develop a tolerance to the drug if the same dose is maintained. In other words, the same cup of coffee every morning could become less effective with the passage of time. "

Incorporate drugs when the body does not need can alter its regular operation

There are other times when the body takes up this natural alert throughout the day. In general, cortisol levels marked increases towards 13 and between 17.30 and 18.30. Thus, what neuroscience specialist recommends it is to take the first coffee around 10 or 11 am and the rest of the cups outside the periods marked cortisol peaks not to alter the natural rhythm that carries the body.

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What about energy drinks?

If you seek comfort and energy on the latitas known colors, a study published in the Journal Nutrition Reviews ruled that they are more effective than coffee to get us out of fatigue.

There is insufficient evidence to determine that taurine, guarana, ginseng, vitamin B and other common components contribute to prolong the energizing cognitive or physical performance. Guess: what is the only effective ingredient in the formula of these drinks? Yes, caffeine. Another point to consider, even more controversial, is the amount of psychoactive containing (Some brands have up to 10 times more caffeine than a cup of regular coffee).

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