The Truth Behind Sugar: sweet thief of life. (Part 4)

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The discovery of insulin was supposed to be the great savior. The Nobel Prize in 1923 it was for Sir Frederick Grant Banting and Macleod John for the discovery of insulin. At first, insulin was difficult and expensive to make. Only the rich could afford diabetic animal glandular extracts injected into the blood to make up their own worn pancreas.

But with the advent of synthetic insulin, a diabetic should have to be injected daily for the rest of his life, all the alarms were activated drug companies. The fake insulin could be patented, mass produced and sold from now until the end of time! This was a very big deal, especially with the rising consumption of white sugar, which ensured an endless flow of new diabetics.

Dufty speaks of a much more important discovery came a year after insulin was discovered, and remained silent. In 1924 a good researcher Dr. Seale Harris name he discovered the connection between excess blood insulin and hypoglycemia. He realized the obvious: all that white sugar consumed daily called too much insulin. Excess insulin in the blood got rid of excess blood glucose, making the patient feel weak and dizzy when blood sugar was very low.

But what Dr. Harris sentenced Hall of darkness everything is always that their solution was not a man made pill that would make thousands of millions for pharmaceutical companies. No solution to Harris hypoglycemia It was obvious: stop overloading of white sugar, and thus normalize the natural production of insulin.

No Nobel Prize Harris. The medical approach is always the same: if the imbalance can not be corrected by a new drug, any natural resources, such as eating sensibly, is called "unscientific."

Doctors want to evaluate people through repeated testing glucose tolerance, Just to make sure they are actually diabetic before they are condemned to a life of insulin false? Are you kidding? Some people take insulin after a single laboratory test with a reading of high blood glucose limit. Or at least give the recipe of the two G drugs mentioned above.

What is wrong with these drugs?

First you get rid of fake insulin.

synthetic insulins are three main types:

- Fast action
- intermediate Action
- Long-lasting

Some false insulins derived from yeast. Scientists have found ways to obtain a compound which is structurally identical to human insulin from bakers yeast. (Physicians Desk Reference, p 1917) or E. coli (1463 p.) Or pigs: the pig pancreas (P 1477). There may be many different combinations in recipes in the opinion of the doctor (I guess), mixing the three types of insulin at certain times during the day. For each type - rapid, intermediate and long-acting - there are a lot of different brands to choose from. Like Baskin-Robbins.

The main problem is that, although they pretend it's exactly the same as the insulin that the body produces, actually it is not. It is normal science / numbers game, claiming that the body is just a car, and if we can find the parts, you can replace anything. Or as if all the ingredients for a cake were poured into a bowl and stir only this, what kind of cake could be expected?

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The trick here is time. The body knows precisely when to get exactly the type and amount of insulin needed by the pancreas. All regulation of blood sugar is an extremely complex issue, involving the adrenal glands, liver and thyroid, besides the pancreas. We only know part of the story. There are plenty more in the mystery of blood sugar that just figuring out the structure of insulin. Proof of this is that Diabetes has risen to No.7 cause of death in the US. nowadays. (Centers for Disease Control).

Second, the Glucophage. This is a pill given to patients who are diagnosed with diabetes. Glucophage artificially controls blood glucose by interfering with normal rates body glucose uptake. Although the manufacturer warns that dietary restriction should be the primary means of controlling diabetes, (for RDP, p. 797), in practice Glucophage can often be prescribed after a single high reading sugar blood, without the certainty that the patient really is diabetic. And rarely evaluated diet choices.

Glucophage It has several serious side effects, which are rarely mentioned:

- Kidney Damage
- Acidosis (fatal 50% of the time)
- Nausea
- Vomiting
- Bloating
- The anorexia

- 798 p PDR

The Glipizide is the other popular diabetic pill. This medicine requires a functioning pancreas. The artificial Glipizide starts putting the pancreas to produce more insulin. (PDR, p.2182) The actual glipizide way lowers blood glucose is unknown. Perhaps this is why major side effects listed by the manufacturer:

- Increased risk of cardiac mortality
- Renal disease
- Liver disease
- Hypoglycemia (!)
- Loss of control of blood glucose
- The constipation
- Skin rash
- Anemia
- Dizziness
- Headache

Beyond that it should be fine.

To all of you out there friends with these drugs G - Has your doctor ever said anything about this?

Whether you're talking about artificial insulin or diabetes medications in pill form, a fact that has not changed since 1923:

These drugs have not cured a person of diabetes.

Think about it. Have you ever in your life met a diabetic insulin injected or taken these drugs for many years and has recovered over time and well, with a normal life? Of course not. Have you heard of a diabetic has been told to stop eating white sugar? Of course not - instead it is told diabetic patients to eat more sugar when you feel weak! That's the game: the point of diabetes medications is never health or recovery or cure of the disease. It has always been aimed at one goal: sell more drugs.

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What is the goal of medical therapy? As always, hide the symptoms. Like most doctors do not have a background in nutrition usually they tell the patient that diabetes is a disease now have it for life, which is genetic, and the only way to control it is with medications. The doctor did not even ask about the recent patient's diet - this information is irrelevant to the job of selling drugs. In fact, many go so far as to say that what the patient eats will have no effect on the disease, since the pancreas is carried out. This is the reason why dietary advice is absent after a diagnosis of diabetes occurs.

The absurdity and error of these recommendations are highly appreciated by the thousands of patients initially diagnosed with diabetes who have been cured completely, simply because you have cleaned your diet.

Dr. Stephen Gyland demonstrated in the 1950s, like dozens of other healers after him, that the only way to cure diabetes can actually radically change the diet. (Letter Gyland) There are many holistic programs that demonstrate consistent success in reversing diabetes in adults, the most common type. Imagine what the first step in the healing process. That's right, no more refined sugar. including alcohol.

This sounds very simple, but it really is incredibly difficult. Look what the patient has to overcome:

1. He does not want to give up sugar. He is addicted to it, he loves the taste and needs of short-term euphoria.

2. The doctors say the patient has to leave the sugar. In fact, the doctor will tell the patient to eat candy when you feel dizzy, to "raise your blood sugar."

3. Sugar is everywhere: in most foods, a thousand ways, and in the corridors of the boxes in supermarkets where people have to wait to pay for food.

4. It will be unpleasant waiting time.

This is where medicine is so well positioned. Medicine is saying: Do not worry about a thing. We take care of everything. Give responsibility for your health, and keep eating what you want. TUS sugar binges the last 20 years did not bring you diabetes it is genetic.

For a weak society with impaired health, diabetes medications is the perfect solution. Delays decision takes the pressure and avoid unpleasant actions. Great! I can keep drinking coca cola, like everyone else! All I have to do is take these pills and the doctor says I'll be fine. Lots of people are doing it.

That is sure. Many Americans are on medication for diabetes. And the fact that medication has never cured anyone of diabetes has made us a country where diabetes is now?! I said, the 7th leading cause of death!?

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