Homemade fiber to treat constipation

You can draw a fiber at home that helps fight constipation, with the richest natural and healthy ingredients, and thus will get improve intestinal transit and prevent constipation.

homemade fiber to treat constipation

Constipation is one of the diseases most growth in recent years, it appears that stress, the hectic pace of life and stress, tend to affect the digestive system and end up causing constipation, among other damage to health, and many other cases, may end up causing chronic intestinal damage, as irritable bowel syndrome or colitis.

It is known that nuts, such as prunes and raisins are a great ally for relieve constipation to be a very rich source of fiber. Therefore, we will share a recipe so you can make your home fiber and thus combat constipation naturally.

Recipe for making homemade fiber

To avoid chemicals that may contain some products that claim to treat constipation, nothing better than mnuestra own fiber drawing to give something totally healthy body.


  • 200 gr. prunes without seed
  • 200 gr. Flaxseed (brown seed)
  • 200 gr. dried figs
  • 35 gr. chia seeds
  • Would you can add anise or mint, this is optional

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Method of preparation

To start with the preparation of our fiber, we must first wash the figs and plums, making sure no impurities leave. Then we cut into small pieces all ingredients. Once we have the fruits, including anise or mint chopped into small pieces, we add chia seeds and flax.

We now have with our hands knead to form a paste, once list should be incorporated into a container and keep it covered. This preparation should be stored in the cold, in the refrigerator.

How to consume fiber to treat constipation

There are many ways in which we can use home fiber, this will depend on what are the likes of who consumes. What you always have to respect is not to mix the fiber with foods that are unhealthy, but we'll give you some ideas so you can make the most of this natural fiber:

Prunes for constipation

  • In a container of water add a tablespoon of fiber and allowed to stand a few hours, when this time has elapsed, stirring well the liquid and is ready to consume, remember chewing fine seeds and beans if the pieces are not too small .
  • Another way to use it is to add it as an extra ingredient to your preparations, for example you can add a plain yogurt, mix it with a salad, in smoothies and nutritious drinks, finally, you can use it in many ways.
  • It is advisable not to use this fiber for long periods of time because they can irritate the gut, so you must be careful with it.
  • Remember that You can relieve constipation with this fiber homemade, but it is very important that you can identify what causes this condition, and avoid them if possible.

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Writing: Life Team Lúcida

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