Chew food can help you lose weight.

chewing food helps lose weight

The process of digestion begins in mind we started to chew food. And for some years doctors and nutritionists advise eating slowly and chew food to help you lose weight.

Benefits chew food well:

-When chewed food longer consumed smaller portions and therefore fewer calories. This is because a greater feeling of satiety is achieved.

-More chewing the food production of the hormone that gives fullness to the body is stimulated.

-To enjoy food more nerve centers are activated and thus the feeling of pleasure is sufficient and is not required to eat so much food.

Anxiety and nervousness cause people to eat fast and consume more food so it must achieve the reverse process slow and eat less.

It is recommended to chew food about 30 times before swallowing solid foods. Because if they are softer with a little less likely it will digest well.

Eating healthy foods slowly but also help you lose weight without suffering too much during this process.

It is important that both children and adults incorporate the habit of chewing food thoroughly and not only help you lose weight but also improve your digestion.

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We must take time and eat slowly to feel good but also look better because we can control our weight more effectively.

Tips to learn to chew the right way.

Avoid eating while working, you are in a hurry to leave or while stressed.
Do not eat in a hurry or in a bad position.
Avoid noisy places where too much activity or concetra, as this can increase the speed at which you eat.
Cut the food into small pieces.
The semi-solid foods should also be chewed.
Usually food (depending texture and hardness) should be chewed between 25 to 50 times.

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