Ideas for decorating walls and renovate the home

The Decorating can give new life to home, giving it a more vivid design to a room with white walls or for neutral colors. There are many occasions where we see the pale colors of a wall in the house, it could well be a canvas for artistic designs, leaving space for recording memories, like decorating with paintings and family photographs, or leave reflected in the footsteps of our hands, feet or even children's drawings.

There are many ways to decorate the walls and it depends on individual taste, so we offer some ideas that can go with different styles and designs of houses.

wall decoration for home renovations

How to decorate walls and renovate the home

There are many ways to get those white space is more alive again and the secret is in ecological decoration walls we can perform both indoors and on the outside of our home.

They are also important to the ideas for decorating the walls with plants, vivid ornaments or famous paintings made with succulents, Environmentalist This is a new trend in decorating walls can completely renovate a home, making it look more alive.

Here you can meet some great ideas to decorate the walls of your home, without spending a lot of money, and thinking of leaving something of yours in the design, whether your style, your own creations or decorating the wall with a vivid design.

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Ideas for decorating walls

  1. You can use your imagination to Logar design and decoration on the walls that best suits your style, needs and tastes, as an example you can follow these tips for decorating the walls:
  2. Figures make cuts or geometric objects using contac paper (an economical alternative to paper wall)
  3. Coating the walls with newspaper clippings or books, you can even suit your tastes by selecting a vintage retro images or design.
  4. In smaller spaces, you can use a decorative paper or some stickers to highlight a work area or the bottom of a closet.
  5. Using maps, especially older maps is a trend in decorating the walls.
  6. Using figures can beautify any room, the most commonly used forms with hexagons, circles, triangles and you can even use tribal designs to decorate the wall.
  7. You can use wooden slats must then paint and thus will achieve highlight the wall.
  8. Create strips or strips neutral color with white contrasting background may be ideal for decorating walls in apartments or small spaces.

ideas for decorating the walls

A living design for walls

If you want to go a little further in design, you can try using pictures with plants or famous mini vertical kardines, which go very well for a more rustic style home.

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Decorating with plants

Decorating the wall with a tableau with plants

decorating the walls hung with spices and vegetables

In addition to decorating the wall it has to be very useful in the kitchen

Bedroom wall decoration in children

We can also decorate the walls in colors that look monotonous, making them more attractive and full of life in the nursery or infants can translate figures, drawings and caricatures, also using stars that illuminate the room is a good choice.

Hearts drawing in the nursery

walls with high contrast for younger

butterflies painted on the wall of the nursery

Walls with collage of photographs

Walls decorated with photographs is a new trend, you can recreate unique moments spent with family and arm them with collage style with different shapes, with heart design, taking the form of a picture or an object and many more ideas.


picture collage of photographs

collage of photos for wall decoration at home

picture with family photos heart-shaped

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