The art of saying what needed

Knowing how to say what is necessary and get to express ourselves mature, consistent and responsible manner is not something you learn with a dictionary, nor is it something that is taught in school, this requires both emotional maturity of an attitude towards others and for himself that requires know how to say what we feel shut up and know what is for us.

just enough to say it frees without hurting the other

It is very common that all people in the world speak more at least once. There are so many things we want to say that we do not think about the consequences of our words, sometimes much more damaging than physical attacks and we can not say you need.

The importance of knowing what it takes to say

Most of the time we know when a conversation should end, but our need to drop everything without organizing ideas without thinking how offensive or annoying may be what you say, We exceeded. Ended up hurting someone or hurt ourselves out not knowing what to say necessary and just.

When we speak more?

The more confidence we have with someone, the more able we are hurting. Family, friends and couples, more than once speak without thinking, it is believed that trust and that love conquers all, and always forgive. However, sometimes the words are so harsh that love is not enough to forgive.

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Think before you speak is always convenient, analyze our words and opinions before issuing them, always use friendliness and kindness, are ways to prevent disasters in our personal relationships.

Callar is not always the answer, but we must talk with awareness and caring for the feelings of our interlocutor. Courtesy should always be ahead and if you do not want to hurt someone we love, then we must express ourselves well and speak from the heart, using our sensitivity.

Probelmas communication not mean you need to know

Listening is as important as knowing how to express subtly. There are only opinions or absolute truths. Part of the care and consideration for the other, is also use our sense of understanding to enrich our own point of view. Feedback is essential to our personal growth and our future relationships. This will help us not to lose control, and also to remain calm our partner, we will grow and bring us.

Truth and falsehood

Many studies have shown that people are predisposed to be honest, This is because people have internalized honesty and lying makes them feel negative emotions, but the reality makes us think that this is false. All lie once, some more than others, but we do.

This is done by the need to achieve some goal, with good intentions or bad. Although we know that the truth is ideal, and probably is, too, an inner desire to want to share, negative emotions such as guilt or shame are present in much of the scenarios that we share as a society today, and this opens step and opportunity lies.

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the importance of good communication in a couple

Say things more not to disappoint others

The desire not to defraud another person should prompt us to be honest, because we want that person values ​​and we know for what we are, not a lie. However, ego and our own desires could interfere with good intentions.

Sooner or later the truth comes to light and the liar is never seen with good eyes. Lying is unacceptable and hurtful. And even though the truth can make us suffer too, everything depends on the words we use to make more tolerable blow.

To know frees you say you need loads, forces you to show how you feel and how you feel, makes it clear what you want and how and also helps the other person know you more. So you know, work more on yourself so you can have a more constructive dialogue with others.

Writing: Life Team Lúcida

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