natural showers to redesign home

Natural or rather showers, showers created beyond the environment where we are used to seeing them, and include other designs and objects that can make it seem more a paradise, is a new principle in the design of the boldest homes change.


The designs of these natural showers can include a wide range of varieties according to the taste of each person, but also the needs of each person may incur finding practical solutions that can also result as an ecological alternative solution for the design and construction of natural showers.

natural showers to benefit the environment

Employ natural showers to collect water and to recycle it, it is another of the new challenges and designs that focus on not to waste water but to reuse, but in this case also the elements used during the shower must be consistent the environment, such as shampoo should not contain harmful chemicals nor soap. For this you can opt for a natural shampoo or soap homemade.

Advantages of natural showers

These showers may offer different benefits and advantages when take a bath.

Connect with nature

No doubt this is one of the most direct benefits with this type of showers, that while play the role, in most cases, if a previous bath to the entry into the pool or the pool, to connect more with nature, to live a moment of great relaxation and even more if we designed it with vegetation or a very natural style. This can be very therapeutic and treat stress problems among many others.

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They are part of home decoration

The design of these natural showers undoubtedly can give your home a rustic and cozy touch while can be accompanied by a vertical garden or a Zen garden and a pool, creating a space that invites us to enjoy our space, and the view can give you an extra plus to our house.

shower with pallet

Zen garden shower

shower in the middle d ela vegetation

natural and rustic shower

shower patio

rustic shower

natural wood showers in the courtyard

natural showers between stones

a different bath with natural showers from the roof

natural showers with bathtub

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