Prevent poor posture in front of the monitor

Prevent poor posture in front of the monitor

Today many people suffer from ailments caused by poor posture or repetitive motion.
Most ailments are associated with prolonged work which requires the person to perform certain activities in the same position.

Prevent poor posture in front of the monitor

Eventually may be developing mild conditions and injuries in the body but may also be chronic. To avoid these negative consequences on our body caused by poor posture in front of the monitor or spend a lot of time sitting performing a task, it is essential that we learn to prevent these bad posture. See image below:

Incorrect posture in front of the monitor

Pathologies associated with poor posture:

  • neck pain
  • Tendinitis in the shoulder, arm and hand
  • lumbago
  • Contractures in the body
  • Back pain

Correct position against the monitor

Tips to prevent bad posture in front of the monitor

-Do not stay more than 30 minutes in the same position. Whether standing, sitting or squatting because it can be different causes of ailments such prolonged postures.

-If you have a sedentary job must move and walk a little in the work environment, climbing stairs instead of elevator to exercise the body and avoid pain and discomfort as contractures.

-Avoid lifting too much weight is critical because when lifting heavy objects can resent the body.

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-Perform simple exercises in the work environment it helps the body to regain mobility and health problems and associated pains to avoid bad posture.

-Use chairs, ergonomic desks and other items to reduce body tension and prevent the onset of disease.

-Yoga helps correct and prevent poor posture and even conditions associated with certain positions that are negative for the body.

It is important that we avoid bad posture because they produce pathologies that produce a lot of pain and alter our quality of life.

See the following link with tips to relieve back pain caused by poor posture.

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