Signs that reveal you’re a very intelligent person

Intelligence is defined as the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills, and use them to make judgments or have opinions based on reason. Be smart books and know all the facts does not make you smart. Being a very intelligent person, It is in your ability to use constructively the valuable information you have achieved, and hone your skills to adapt as you do.

very intelligent person

Signs that reveal you're a very intelligent person

Therefore, if one of the many people who wrote down notes in school, that does not mean you're not smart, people display their intelligence in various ways. According to psychologist Howard Gardner, "standardized tests measure only one type of intelligence." He has a theory that there are at least seven different types of intelligence. Let's look at some of the signs that you are a very intelligent person, even if you feel you are.

1. You have a tendency to underestimate your skills

You are the opposite of those considered more competent than everyone else. This effect occurs when people do not critically analyze their own level of incompetence in a task, and this lack of awareness leads them to overestimate. For example: people who are too stupid to know how stupid it really is.

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2. Know your limitations and you accept

As an intelligent, he understands that there is always something new to learn. Jim Winer writes smart people "is not afraid to say 'do not know' if you do not know, can learn it." Genuinely intelligent people do what they can to fill the gaps with existing knowledge rather than worrying about his absence. Experts agree with the idea that a true sign of intelligence is to know the limitations of their knowledge and skills.

3. You have a sense of adaptability evolved

Psychologists say that the very definition of true intelligence means you do whatever it takes to make it work, even if you do not like. An intelligent person adapts showing what can be done independently of complications or restrictions that are imposed. Thus, the ability to use your brain to adapt to new situations and learning from change, is also what He makes you a very intelligent person.

a very intelligent person

4. You have an insatiable sense of curiosity

Smart people ask questions like why, how and what if. According to Hal Gregersen, MIT, interrogation is one of the key features commonly owned by the innovators.

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Your thirst for knowledge unquenchable, since you know the limits of your intelligence, you know there's always room for more. So you ask questions, if not aloud, then yourself. You are constantly in search of knowledge, whether theoretical or practical.

5. You have more empathy than most

I like learning new things, so meet different people and learn from them is something that enriches you. Your level of compassion and conscience makes you a very intelligent individual empathic.

Research on the correlation between emotional intelligence and IQ has been carried out by memory expert, Dr. Fiona McPherson, who says that the most emotionally intelligent people have more effective verbal understanding. Emotional intelligence and general intelligence are intertwined inextricably.

6. You choose your side smart people

Smart people choose to be around other smart people. So if you have very smart friends, then you are also very intelligent.

There are, however, exceptions to the rule, generally about 80% of the people you choose to be around you are also as smart as you. Also, if your smart friends felt attracted to you, then you're probably this profile also.

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