Ecoladrillo: Alternative to reuse plastic waste

Most products we buy and use contain plastic. Plastic takes a long time to biodegrade, so it has an impact on the environment if not disposed of properly. As an option for reusing plastic waste or waste plastic he has appeared some percentage of the Ecoladrillo.


What is Ecoladrillo

The Ecoladrillo plastic bottles is less than 3 liters, filled with all kinds of waste plastics and aluminum foil. Once finished, it can serve as acoustic, thermal and seismic insulation.

Unlike recycled products, Ecoladrillo not recycle products but reuses. The recycling process is to process certain material to give back to some kind of use. Ecoladrillo only reuses the products placed inside the bottle. The realization of these bricks is purely hand, thus requiring labor.

Solutions proposed by the Ecoladrillo

This invention proposes simple solutions to complex problems. First, it gives us alternatives to reuse all types of plastics, which in some cases reaches take 700 years to decompose. Second, it generates a source of work for those responsible for making the ecoladrillos and reduces the amount of garbage that goes to landfills. And finally, raises awareness in society about the importance of building a new material from the reuse of certain waste products.

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The only thing missing would push to finish a project, brought from Guatemala and promoted in Chile through a "Campaign Plastic Waste Reuse" would support the government or the different municipalities ensuring that the Ecoladrillo is presented as a valid and safe alternative to build. Thus it found a much more practical solution for building, which usually consumes more than half of the planet's resources.


How to Make a Ecoladrillo

To make your Eco bricks follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Wash and dry your PET bottle (typical disposable drink) and keeps its top.
  • Step 2: Place it in strategic places like the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or car.
  • Step 3: Deposit on these bottles waste (so-called garbage) plastic, aluminum foil, Styrofoam or highly dyed or laminated papers. Occasionally compact material with a stick. It is very important that introduce waste are clean and dry. Never put organic waste (unless the role has been very soft). And very important, not to introduce batteries under any circumstances.
  • Step 4: Once filled and with well compacted material in its interior, cap the bottle and your Eco brick is ready. Be very careful that the eco brick remains very hard and compacted as much as possible.
  • step 5: Share this information with your family, friends, peers and colleagues.

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For more information visit the website Eco Bricks

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