Layered haircuts for 2016 – 2017

Women wait in fashion trends that bring each year to adapt to change them or look to start a new season looking hairstyles and totally different styling tricks. The layered haircuts and hairstyles They are one of the most anticipated trends, since it is common for women to go to the salon to cut or change the color of her hair.

layered hair

Layered haircuts for 2016 - 2017

One of the 2016 trends are layered haircuts, and the good news is that They remain trend in this 2017, they manage to add volume and make the hair does not look very attached to his head, giving movement to the hair. The great advantage of haircuts with layers or step is that it adapts to different hair and no possibility to make different lengths, just have to opt for haircut you like.

Another advantage is that this type of cut can adapt to almost any style, from the long hair, a bob and can also go very well in short hairstyles style.

ImportantBefore making any changes to your hair make sure that this will favor the kind of face and hair.

Layered hair cut in straight hair

Smooth manes can catch volume by performing several layers, the length that is trendy ends just above the shoulders or below the chest, they can make two layers and these will be enough to look pretty and take shape. The long, straight layers are ideal in this case rejuvenates the face and allow it to perform different hairstyles.

layered haircuts

long layered hair

medium layered hair

long layered hair

No longer manes went out of fashion and there are many women who are fans of them, in this case you can create more than two layers and these may be shorter than previous hair. The blunt and irregular flequillos combine perfectly with these two haircuts, although manes without bangs with a stripe in the middle will be the rage this season and are very aesthetic in layered haircuts.

Layered haircut in hair wave

Manes with mild or very sharp waves need a haircut with long coats shaped "V", this will allow the hair fits quickly and look perfect at all times. This hair look very natural and with a subtle volume.

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wavy layered

layered hair with bangs

hair layers with waves
In case a more drastic makeover desired you can opting for a long fringe passing eyebrows and reaching almost to the eyes, which open out into two to accommodate forward. But for those they do not like the bangs on his face you can opt for shredded bangs to the side.

Short hair cut in layers

hair in short layers

medium layered hair

short hair with layers

hair short layers

The "Pixie" "Treated Hair fashion continue in 2016, Short hair can also look feminine and stylish, these are carried with very short hair layers and is easily accommodated with some gel or spray. Very short manes are ideal for those who dare to everything, but also for those who have always worn long hair and want to start a new year with a look that takes all eyes.

Other 2016 hair trends

Manes in reddish tones: To complement the look you can choose the tone stars in 2016, natural redheads manes cause furor and take all the applause. This color looks perfect on any of the haircuts previous layer.

Blond manes in dark tones: Color "bronde" which is a mixture of brown and blond (Brown and Blonde) is another trend most chosen for this 2016 season, looks perfect and natural in any haircut and is ideal for skin toast and those They want a new look without looking so different. In this type of hair haircuts layers tend to be great.

raven black manes: The most mysterious women may choose to dye their hair jet black, but this color is very difficult to remove, so you have to think well before applying the dye.

Layers to add volume to hair Video

Give more life to the hair with layers and extending your style. We have seen different styles of cuts, the chiselled layers, short layers or volumizing, all are great choices to freshen your appearance. Below you can see these other options in layers to give more volume to your hair.

Cut scaled or layered for more volume

This cut, believe it or not, you can do it yourself, is scaling cut hair, which can give waves and volume to hair. It is an easy option shorn same and you can get effects of a court room.

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Today I'll show two easy options for scaling hair cutting at home.
It is a scheduled outage that allows shorn same. With this cut you'll get more volume and body hair.

Haircut long layers step by step

This is another alternative that can be done with the cut longer layers, adding volume to the hair.

3 haircuts 2016

To give you more options, we present these 3 hairstyles that are trend in 2016 and worn by celebrities. If you have in mind a specific cut, we show you how you can ask your stylist.

The haircut extra-short

One of the celebrities who enjoy this court, and to whom he looks good is Rachel McAdams. This style is characterized by being cut to below the ear, giving a young and very fresh style to your hair. It is a trend in this 2016 barbershops.

It is a look that needs movement on the tips which gives the hair the possibility of having an effortless style.

Rachel McAdams and youthful and fresh cut

Helga Esteb /

The classic Bob

With this type of bob cut you can forget the layers to have a hairstyle where the hair reaches to the neck, and a little further down, giving more elongated the face shape, leaving the front of the slightly longer hair.

The secret of this style is creating a diagonal cut in the front and leave a shoulder-length without fringe because it will have a long hair like the rest. To achieve an effect like the photo, you can iron your hair with necessary precautions to prevent damage.

Classic style bob

Cutting waves

The waves are other trends for this 2016, You can look sophisticated style without the need to cut your hair too. Celebrities like Olivia Palermo and Charlize Theron have chosen this romantic style waves.

Cutting waves

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