5 Reasons why bathing every day is not a good idea

If you are someone who thinks Have a bath everyday It is more than necessary, you may wish I replanteártelo after reading this article. When you were a kid, your parents could sorry inculcated practice daily bath, but the truth is that bathing every day, you probably are doing more harm than good.

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5 Reasons why bathing every day is not a good idea

Of course, for many of us, it's counterintuitive give up a good bath, especially cleanliness and health, but in doing so, you could not estarle doing a great favor to your body. You want to know why? Here are 5 reasons why you should not take a shower every day:

1. You're drying your skin

Soaps and hot water absorb moisture away from your body. Therefore, all those long, relaxing hot showers and baths in the winter, are actually adding more to your scaly skin dryness winter. This in turn creates more cracks in your skin, increasing your risk of infection. Opt for shorter showers and warm temperatures, and after leaving the shower, be sure to replenish lost moisture with lotion or cream trust.

2. You're not as dirty as you think

Unless you sweat much exercise or work, you do not need a daily bath. According to Dr. Casey Carlos, assistant professor of medicine in the division of dermatology at the Medical School of the University of California, San Diego, most people use soap where you really do not need it. He said that the skin really does a great job of wiping itself, which means it is not necessary to wash from head to toe. Suggests using soap on the armpits, groin, feet, genitals - in short, places that have a greater potential to smell - and eventually skip the chest, back, legs and arms.

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3. You're drying your hair and nails

Like skin, wash your hair every day strips it of its natural oils that will leave you dry and brittle. Trichologists (those who study hair), say that you should not wash your hair more than once or twice a week. And showering very often it can ruin your nails, too. Hot water makes nail expand, which can make them crumble and break.

4. Eliminates bacteria

While it may seem to bathe every day away germs are not welcome, do so very often, can actually compromise the natural microbiome of your body, which is the collection of microbes living in and on the human body. Without them, your immune system, digestion and heart would stop working. Damaging the microbiome, it could also lead to the appearance of acne.

5. You are wasting water

In addition to wasting time and effort, showering every day, it makes you lose something far more important: water. An average family of four uses approximately 400 gallons of water per day. No shower every day will help reduce this number, and as the water is a precious resource, this is an important goal to consider. Tub baths using almost three times more water than showers, so often as possible, opt for a shower. Just make sure you're using a shower head thrifty, and keep the length of it, open for less than ten minutes.

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Also, keep the bathroom dry for more days, prevents the formation of fungus, which makes the bathroom always looks dirty and unhealthy. A bath which is maintained without fungus, prevents contamination thereof in the body and eliminates the need to wash more often.

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