Science says that talking is just really geniuses

Did you ever have you found yourself having a conversation with yourself? Have you ever you turned red with shame to note that you observe around you, look at you and tell you you're crazy? It turns out that in fact there is no reason to be ashamed of talk alone, absolutely. You probably just a genius.

talk alone

How can this be possible? You're probably thinking, not only crazy talk alone? The company has built this negative stigma around talking to himself, so many feel embarrassed when they are caught. It turns out, according to science, is actually a sign of a genius.

Science says that talking is just really geniuses

Psychologist-researcher Gary Lupyan conducted an experiment where 20 volunteers were shown objects in a supermarket, and asked to be remembered. Half of them were told to mention objects while seeking, for example, "banana" and the other half were asked to remain silent. In the end, the result showed that self-directed talk for helping people find objects more quickly, between 50 and 100 milliseconds, compared to silent.

"Very often while I'm mumbling something in the refrigerator or on the shelves of supermarkets" Lupyan said. This personal experience really did conduct this experiment. Lupyan, along with another psychologist, Daniel Swigley, came to the results that those who speak alone They are geniuses. These are the reasons:

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Speaking only helps keep you focused

When you talk to yourself, you stay focused on your task, and helps you recognize those things immediately. Of course, this only helps if you know how the object you're looking for looks. For example, a banana is yellow, and you know how a banana looks. So when you're naming stronger, your brain immediately forms images of that image in your mind. But if you do not know what the banana appears, then there is no effect to say it out loud.

talk only helps focus better

Speaking only stimulates memory

When you're alone, your sensory mechanism is activated. Your memory improves because you can visualize the word, and can act accordingly. According to a study published in the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, a person who talks to herself while trying to find a lost object locate it faster than one that does not.

This is a result of the approach described above, as well as other factors. When verbalize a problem, we use more of our brain to focus on it. We are also more inclined to remember the things that we say and do things we simply think. When we talk to ourselves, we involve several parts of the brain to process relevant information, rather than just one or two.

Speaking only facilitates be better

Speak only gives you the opportunity to encourage your subconscious from the outside. Often consciously we want to achieve certain goals, but we decelerate or stop by the lack of cooperation subconscious. When we talk to ourselves, we give direction and motivation. Use positive affirmations. Defines the person you want to be.

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Then verbalize your goals to make them real. Look in the mirror every morning and set your goals for the day. There is something powerful to meet your own eyes and say, "Today I will be brave. I'll ask my boss for a raise / improve my time on the trot / invite my neighbor to a cafe. " Speak only allows you commit yourself in a particular way, rather than simply hope for the best.

talk only makes us better

It helps you clarify your thoughts

Each of us tends to have various kinds of thoughts. Most make sense, while others do not. Suppose you are angry with someone and feel the need to hurt that person. For this problem, you will not run to see a therapist, right? No, what you do is lock yourself in a room and murmurarte yourself.

You're letting go of anger talking to yourself about the pros and cons of hurt that person, and eventually you calm down. This is a silly thought you have and are unable to share it with anyone else. Psychologist Linda Sapadin says: "It helps you clarify your thoughts, inclines to what is important and reaffirms all decisions are contemplating."

So, if you ever have said you're crazy for talking himself, he turns, smiles, and winks, you know that actually, you're doing a genius.

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