20 Designs with ideas inspired by nature

Living in an urban environment certainly has its advantages, but most of us, the people of the city we still are inclined to the outdoors. And if the weekend or holiday departures are not enough, there are plenty of designers out there who have created Green ingenious designs they bring little bits of nature into our homes and urban environments.

Some of these are simply Creative home products designed to imitate nature intelligently, but some of them are a real deal. After all, the feeling of a plastic plant can not be compared to a real, living and breathing. Whether it is a moss or grass planted on a moist and rich sponge nutrient, or an intelligent arrangement of dirt and grass, these products and design elements are sure to help satisfy your craving for nature to your next vacation or business trip weekend in nature.

I said plant

Picnic Table

Moss lyrics

Padlocked chain shaped tree branch

Live moss mat

Table with grass for cats

ELD lamps (light emitting diode) mushroom

Sandals with live grass

Flowerpot with pens shaped leaves

green Umbrella

Interactive lamp shaped cloud

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Shirts leaf

Autoadheribles leaves leaf-shaped paper

Magnetos dropwise

green bed

Jewelry growing

Green business card

Counter with vertical garden

greenhouse lamp

green building

Leaf-shaped cord

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