21 fruits, vegetables and espacias who may not know how they grew

Coffee tree

We all have a favorite, vegetables or spices fruit, but most of us probably do not know where they come from or what their plant. That's why we've compiled a list of 21 delicious fruits, vegetables and spices that show how they are grown.

We are sure that you know how some of these foods grow, but most probably do not know them all. It is interesting to see how different parts of these plants is what we like to eat. Cinnamon bark, roots peanuts, capers yolks, sesame seeds and bananas, all come from different parts of plants and all are delicious.

Many of these plants are only edible sub-species in a wider range of plants that can not eat category. Banana species found in supermarkets are only a handful of all species of bananas there, most of whom can not eat because they are full of hard seeds.

Knowing where your food come from and how they form is important because it allows us to make more educated decisions about what we eat. Discover the Kiwis grow on vines probably will not change if you eat or not, but will enrich your understanding of the world and will encourage you to take a greater interest in how and by whom these foods are grown.

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 1. Cacao

Cacao tree

2. Peanut / Groundnut

3. Canela

 4. Vanilla

5. Pineapple

6. Kiwi

7. Black pepper

8. Almendra


9. Aguacate

10. Starfruit (carambola)

11. Sesame seeds (sesame)

12.- Café

Cacao tree

13.- Mango

Cashew 14.-

Saffron 15.-

16.- Caper

Brussels sprouts 17.-

18.- Artichokes

19.- tea plant

20.- Pistachio

21.- Granada

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