Make your own rotating composter.

Make your own rotating composter.

Here's what you need for your own composter:

Abs toilet flange 3 "
PVC pipe 3 "
PVC plug 3 "
2 pieces of pressure-treated wood 2 x 6 x 10
20 woodscrews pressure treated
2 hinges with corresponding screws
1 latch for window with corresponding bolts and nuts.
Galvanized pipe 1 1 "diameter and approximately 4 feet (approx. 1.20 cms.)
8 wood screws 1-1 / 2 "

These are the tools you need to complete the project (subject to use your own tools and skills to do if you have all these tools):

Manual circular saw blade wood
Drill bit 5/16 "hole saw slightly larger than the galvanized pipe / closet rod
Sandpaper fine-grained
Circular saw
Window mosquito net
Fly cutting scissors
flathead screwdriver head and

NOTEIf you can avoid buying and reuse all or most of these materials, it is much better, the meaning of this work meets most expectations.

Let us begin!

Determine what the best end of your barrel and you. Use the hand saw to cut the cap-shaped semi-circle (half of the whole circle).

So will the cap when you're done cutting.

Pre-drill holes for hinges and latches. Connecting the hardware, using the screws and nuts (external screws nuts inside).

Place the wick or drill bit into your drill and measured halfway on each side of the barrel, starting on each side of the cover. The holes should be drilled so that the tube to pass parallel to the cover.

Drilled holes to pass the tube. Insert the tube to ensure that the barrel can easily turn. If not, increase the diameter of the hole slightly.

At the bottom of the barrel, trace 3 "opening the toilet flange. Cut out the circle with hand saw.

Insert the toilet flange outwardly of the barrel and ensure that it fits.

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Cutting the net enough to cover the bottom of the opening in the flange. Drill holes to screw the flange on the barrel and fly to the flange.

Remove the barrel tube and places the PVC pipe vertically into the barrel, fitting over the toilet flange. Cut it to fit vertically into the barrel, leaving approximately 6 "clearance between the top of the pipe and the opening of the composter. Place the cap 3 "at the top of the pipe.
Mark on the tube galvanizdo which will meet with the PVC pipe.

Using the drill bit 5/16 "holes drilled several several inches in the PVC pipe. Using the hole saw, drill two holes in the PVC pipe so that the pipe can pass galvanized.

Using the same drill 5/16 "holes drilled vertically aligned in a barrel, about 2" apart from each upright and 6 "horizontally.

Cut two identical composter for your circular saw and pressure-treated wood "legs". It begins measuring from the side of the barrel toward the center, adding 1 foot measurement. For each "leg" is 2 "from the bottom of one end, focuses the hole to cut a circle for the tube to pass.

Cut four identical lengths to ensure wooden legs. Fixed with screws pressure-treated wood as you can see here.

I added spacers between the pressure-treated wood and barrel to hold the tube in place. They were nothing more than pieces of PVC pipe that fit around the pipe, cut a 2 "long.

Check around and see what fun to make your own compost.
vegetables / fruits and parts of shells, eggshells, coffee filters and garden, etc (no meat, eggs or dairy products) and throw everything into the barrel with dry leaves, grass: the collection of waste from your kitchen starts and yard waste with a ratio of 1 (kitchen waste) 2 (yard waste). Rotating the barrel once a week and keep as moist as a damp sponge adding water as needed.

It will be ready for use in the garden when the compost smells heavenly land and is in black and crumbly color. Your plants will thank you so much for this delicious concoction.

Source: potholesandpantyhose
Research and original Spanish translation: team Vid Lucida.

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