New hairstyles for short hair easy to make

arrive new hairstyles for short hair, each ideal for all kinds of activities. Since variants cutting fashion as the bob and pixie until lobs the details. Each of these hairstyles can be performed easily and are also ideal for hair or short bob.

hairstyles for pixie cut

Hairstyles for short hair are gaining ground

In modern times the rush to multitask has had an effect on the way we dress and wear a hair look. Thus the  short hair He has gained ground surprisingly, those Gone long manes that unleashed rage in the fashion world. Below are the current trends in hairstyles for short hair easy to make.

Hairstyles for pixie cut

hairstyles for short hair

For short hair is ideal to perform I toupee in the center of the head, It is why the sides to reveal the cortita mane. In this type of cuts hairstyles with wet effect have gained ground, basically should be combed back or stop combing blaring aside to add some fake and ready flequillos, favorite styles of stars like Kaley Cuoco are obtained or Scarlett Johansson same.

Pigtails, braids and trims bob

All easy hairstyle short hair It is effective when you add accessories that can give firmness to the style that seeks to make. This is the case with pigtails, a trend for short hair that gains more followers. Pigtails are ideal for midi or bob cuts. Braids wet, wet, wet root go hand in hand with this type of hairstyles, as is the frequently used Emma Stone.

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For too short manes - at the level of the ears accessories like pigtails you could be a plus for the type of hairstyle you want to perform. Bet on a hidden feathers like those of Shailene Woodley are ideal to make compact styling, a trend that Valentino has used in his last catwalk.

Current ideas hairstyles for short hair

These are trends hair in this season, also useful for short hair style and get volume effects, even if you want to keep your bangs or pixie cut without stop using braids that go well both long manes or short.

XS tresses root for pixie cut

He short hair and braids itself can coexist, the problem arises when it is unclear choose the technique. This is where you enter the XS tresses root for pixie cut. His unique style can be translated into the rock it provides air and turn a romantic touch that can not be overlooked, is ideal for a neckline.

Braids XS peolo with short pixie cut

Plait manes half done for bob

The bob cut has the characteristic of being unwieldy for several laps hairstyles. However, plaits below the neck half done are ideal for this type of short hair. They are simple to perform and with an adequate volume are perfect to go casual party.

Plait manes half done for bob

Bob smooth to gooseneck

The bob cut with a smooth type styler is added the solution to avoid spending too much time before the mirror. In these months we have seen several models Gaultier also use this simple hairdo adding a line to one side. His body defines the face and neck.

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smooth bob hairstyle

Flequillo volume

East hairstyle is easy to do for short hair, He rose to fame after Taylor Swift will show on each gateway that attended. The reason for their choice? Simple, easy to do and its mixed style is sensual. It is a long bob that makes getting the hair to shoulder height.

hairstyle volume and bangs

Semirecogidos for long manes bob

While easy to make, this hairstyle semirecogido with ornaments suggests the type metallized natural elegance of a short hair. It is one of the first choices to lead a gala party. The proposal was made by the Valentino brand seasons ago.

long bob hairstyle for semirecogido

Braids root effect wet or dry

For women with a very short and also have a very fine hair mane braids root with wet effect are the fashionable choice. Even an accessory such as a hidden pen can make you look firmer look.

Braids root with wet effect

Every day depart new hairstyles for short hair easy to make, but few that they provide comfort in use for any type of event. Whether you go gala, casual or semi each of these suggestions will make you look elegant.

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